are Pisces controlling?

I'm a Taurus and I have love/hate relationships with every single Pisces I know. With every Pisces, we always get along and have good chemistry but they are always really manipulative and controlling. My dad, as well as one of my closest friends, and one of the guys I used to kind of have a thing with, are all Pisces and their personalities are so alike. Is this a typical Pisces trait or just a coincidence?

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    I have known & do know Pisces Sun. Males.

    Sun Pisces


    Step father 2/24 moon aries controling = yes

    Former bf 2/24 moon pisces controling = no

    Former bf 2/23 moon gemini controling = tried to be without words

    Guy friend 3/16 moon scorpio controling = no, but acts like a scorpio under the scenes , so, yes. Not too much with me, but he tries to control our friendship in other ways. Difficult to explain. Maybe u understand. Guilt trips?

    I believe depends on person 's

    Moon &/ or

    Mercury &/ or


    If they are controling & the How or Why would, I say have to do with their House placements of Zodiac &/ or planet placement.

    I have to see their entire birth natal chart to come to that issue.

    I believe, controling behavior comes from the root of different reasons. Like say how they were raised by their parents or lack of.

    I agree any &/or all could have degrees of controling behavior.

    I personally do not like being controlled. My solution to that > I set acceptable boundries with my family, friends & others.

    I stopped "trying" to control & manipulate others. (we get back what we give out) Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like ("THE POWER"~ Rhonda Byrne) the "SECRET" & the MAGIC (books I read weekly)

    Example > my step father had wealthy parents. Went to boarding military school his ENTIRE life until 17 & was in the Army wwII. Jumped

    out of airplanes, never had kids until 1974.

    Yeah !!! 2/24/1928 .... 9/2001. 33 ° master mason ! Yeah. Moon aries. Pisces sun.

    "Never settle for less than best for yourself"

    "Know who you are"

    "listen to your intuition"

    "to thy ownself be true"

    Source(s): 3 years studying astrology My CHIRON in PISCES 5th House SUN GEM ~ 7th House /TAURUS CUSP RISING SCO ~ 1st House MOON SAG ~ 2nd House
  • 7 years ago

    I'm a Pisces guy and I wouldn't say I'm controlling - more like laid back, pretty chilled about life.. although I like to take work seriously, and if I'm in a relationship I take that even more serious..

    I had an Aquarius girlfriend once, who was the most flirtatious girl I've ever met, it was as if she went out of her way to try make me jealous.. but before all that even started she said to me that she wanted a serious relationship, yet at the same time she couldn't commit to the relationship - always wanted to go out partying like every Friday and some Saturday nights.. and I just couldn't take it anymore, and so I said to the one day "is this you idea of being committed to a relationship?" .. and then she had the cheek to say that I'm being controlling by saying that.... so that's the last Aquarius girl I'm going for...

    Like her, I also have a life, I'm into cycling (both mountain biking and road cycling), I go to the beach with my friends on the odd Saturday, or I go play pool with them at the local bar.. I'm 32 btw, so I'm not so much an old man just yet...... but when it comes to relationships I give it my all .. I'm honest and faithful and all I'm asking from a girl is the same thing..... so no, I'm not one of those controlling Pisces.

    You talk about manipulation.... everybody manipulates at some stage of their lives, manipulation seems to be built into a whole lot of people, and most of the time we manipulate without even knowing we're doing it, it's as if it's we do is subconsciously sometimes..... I've known a few Taurus to be very controlling and manipulative..... yet they have their good points, they're good friends to have, I know I have few Taurus friends.

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      Really? I'm a Libra and I don't manipulate anyone.

  • 7 years ago

    Really any sign can be controlling. And I don't often hear of PIsces being controlling but here are a couple of reasons why this is occurring.

    Pisces Suns can only have Mercury in the sign that precedes and follows the PIsces Sun so his Mercury could be in Aries which would give PIsces a more headstrong way of communicating and could also be rather blunt in speech. Aries loves to conquer and the CONQUEST is their goal as they derive much pleasure from winning!

    And his Venus can only be in the two signs that precede or follow the Pisces Sun so again that possibility exists that they could have an Aries Venus too which again Aries loves to lead people around and want another to follow their plan, their orders.

    Lastly, Pisces Suns "progress" (predictive astrology) into Aries which means that sometime in the first 30 years of life that Pisces Suns will begin to add the Traits of Aries into their Pisces Nature. So that sweet little Pisces become a little warrior telling everyone what to do! Those born early in Pisces progress later than those born late in Pisces. So those born late in Pisces are particularly prone to having those feisty, fiery, and controlling natures that drive you up the wall! It is as if they are everything Pisces isn't and insist on getting their way and they can be childish and selfish too!

    So hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you too.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising, and Mars in Aquarius.

    My friends know me to not be a controlling person. If anything, I'd rather not be the leader, and I just go with the flow. I hate bossing people around, and I try to fit circumstances so that everybody is entertained and nobody is left out. I'm a submissive type.

    It's weird, I get along very well with all of the Taurus in my life. Literally every one of them has been close to me.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Physically? sometimes, mentally? sometimes, socially? sometimes. Depends on the person and the situation, I'm usually all three at work, my job isn't your typical blue collar career. Once I rotate back to the civilized world, I tend to take a chill pill, grab a drink with the boys, and just relax and have fun, maybe even try to get laid.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If they are, I don't like that :'(, anyway interesting question. Is there a sign that is not controlling at all??

    There must be ONE sign that is not controlling?

    @Craig so you can go to the local bar and have fun on Saturdays, and she can't go to parties on Fridays?

    Btw I hate parties and local bars.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, they are very controlling. It's always their way or the highway. My husband is a Pisces and he drives me nuts.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Pisces - not typically - but they are jealous and martyr's so it can come across manipulative yes

  • 7 years ago

    yes, very controlling. i do not get along with them at at all, im a capricorn though. My husbands a taurus though and he doesnt get alonng with them either.

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