What's a good carpet cleaning company in southwest Houston?

And don't tell me Stanley Steemers or Kiwi because I've tried both and was NOT impressed. Anyone know of a local company that's trustworthy and actually comes on time? Oh...and uses a truck mount and not a portable?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Omg-I agree with you about Kiwi! And I tried Sears too and wasn't happy. My neighbor told me about her carpet cleaning company a few months back and I've used them twice. 1st Class Steamers, LLC . Both times they came, they used a van with equipment inside. It wasn't a portable and they were very professional. The guy that came both times was really nice and he brought up pretty much all my kids' yogurt stains and dirt tracking.

    I googled their website, here it is: www.1stclasssteamers.com.

    You should call them. You'll really like the results.

    Source(s): I hired them twice and loved my carpets
  • 6 years ago

    I agree with you also. I'm in the Pearland area, but I like Carpet Keepers carpet cleaning. They provide everything there and my carpet only took 30 minutes to dry.


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