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Tofu asked in Food & DrinkVegetarian & Vegan · 7 years ago

Meal ideas for Vegetarians?

Hi do you know any websites that have good recipes or meal ideas?

or any that you love yourself?

I don't like any of that quorn rubbish :/

Thanks! (:

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  • 7 years ago
    Best Answer - just select vegetarian when searching

    Source(s): All sites I use for inspiration :) Happy cooking
  • 7 years ago

    This is vegan, its the tastiest breakfast i ever came up with and quite frankly i got addicted to for a while. I guess you call it Tofu scramble hash with "gimme lean" mock sausage.First simmer small diced potatoes in a little bit of water then when they get half soft and absorb the water then throw in diced tofu and scramble it up add onions and peppers and fry it till tofu is half cooked. then add gimme lean mock sausage and then mash up the sausage untill its kinda ground. Cook that untill the tofu is firming up. Add spinach and stir it up and cook just untill spinach wilts. Then add some spices like parsely, turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger, a tad of olive oil. Whatever you think will be good. THen cover the whole thing with ketchup! If you have the munchies make pancakes too! Maple syrup, or dont bother !

  • 7 years ago

    I am not a vegitarian, so getting me to eat a meal of all vegitables was a challenge. I am a huge fan of vegans now. There is cook book that I would consider a Bible for those that choose not to eat meat. Its called The Moosewood cookbook. I also believe there was a second one printed. I like the 1st one best. CHECK THEM OUT.Tiu wont be disappointed. Try the stuffed eggplant its the bomb.

    Source(s): Moosewood cookbook
  • 7 years ago

    This site offers a free vegetarian book that has over 400 recipes, weekly and monthly meal plans that will certainly provide the support and guidance to help you maintain a healthy diet.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    How about some whole grain pasta with a lovely fresh tomato sauce made from home, simmering on the stove for hours and topped with some yummy vegan cheeze? Why not pair it with a side of thick-cut Italian bread slathered in a margarine (or butter if you are not vegan), cilantro and garlic mixture, and then a delicious, healthy salad made of spinach leaves, warm croutons, homemade dressing and topped with some candied almond slivers and more vegan cheeze?

    Source(s): I make the most pornographic vegan food when I feel like it. :D
  • 7 years ago

    You could make some cauliflower soup, it's as simple as it gets. Just toss the cauliflower and some milk into a blender, put it in the pot, heat up and add more milk until the texture is as liquid or creamy as you like. You can add in cheese and/or any sort of spice you like - cauliflower has a unique flavor that combines easily with most anything.

  • 7 years ago

    You could have vegetarian or even "vegan" fetuccine alfredo. You can make a conventional dairy based alfredo sauce if you are vegetarian, but there are several good vegan recipes on-line.

    Here is a list to vegan comfort foods which I compiled for my sister on pinterest:

    My sister is a vegan. I eat a mostly-vegan diet and most of what I eat is stuff I could harvest and get for myself if I was in the wild- grains, nuts, seeds, beans, leafy veggies, fruits but I also eat small amounts of honey and I occasionally have goat milk. (Please don't anyone judge me, the goat milk I use in small amount to make kefir and the probiotics in that are helping me with a digestive issue I have which physically drains me to such an extent that I can't get out of bed- the store-bough probiotics do not work as a general rule for me and are too expensive for me to afford).

    Any way, I will be making more pinterest boards with vegetarian and vegan meal ideas, and vegetarian and vegan snack ideas, including guten-free vegan snacks which you can get at most grocery stores. So check it out.

    Please ignore anybody who puts you down for being a vegetarian or vegan. I believe many of those people may have had vegans put them down and are retaliating and feel attacked. Don't take it personally. There are always people who try and shame, humiliate and disparage people who are different from them and belief something different. There are meat-eaters who ARE respectful of vegetarianism and veganism, there are vegans who extend courtesy and respect to their meat-eating fellow humans. But you will always get extremists.

    Aside from the above you can also make:

    Veggie burritos. If you eat dairy you can add cheese and sour cream, but you can also make them with daiya (vegan) cheese and vegan sour cream. Use beans, mexican rice and fake "ground bee" (soy based or texturized vegetable protein) for the base.

    You can have pancakes and waffles- you can find vegan and vegetarian options online.

    Many cereals are vegan. Almost all are vegetarian. :)

    You can make veggie curries- both vegan and vegetarian, and if you get a yogurt maker you can make your own yogurt easily, or you can also use a yogurt maker to make soy-based "yogurt" or soygurt (also called yofu) which also is high in probiotics.

    You can make vegetarian or vegan dim sum, chinese food, stir fries, and many types of soups...

    You can make chick pea soup, pea soup, minnestrone, vegetable, cream of broccoli (if you are vegetarian, you can make vegan "cream of broccoli), vegan corn chowder, etc

    french fries, onion rings, many chips... the list is endless.

    for snacks you can have cupcakes, cookies, brownies, slurpees, licorice, etc... there are vegan options available for all of these (and if you are vegetarian these are all fine any way)...

    the list is really endless. :)

    I really like veggie burgers. At Burger King there is a BK veggie burger which tastes really great. I am not sure if it is vegan or not, but the website should have that info. if it is, you can order it without the mayo and that sandwich is vegan, but the BK veggie is fine as is for vegetarians. Many other fast-food places are also putting veggie burgers on the menu, and some of them taste pretty darn good.

    In Vancouver, there is a cart called "Loving Hut" which has vegan food.

    You can also check out books from your library... there are plenty on vegetarian as well as vegan cooking and baking.

    Here is one which is apparently pretty good:

    Also google "vegetarian recipes" or "vegan recipes", depending on how strict your diet is.

    All the best!

  • 7 years ago

    lincolnshire sausages made from vegetable protein in a soft hot garlic bagette with heinze ketchup (or hp fruity/bbq sauce)

    Source(s): me
  • 7 years ago

    Salaaaaadd ;'D

  • 7 years ago

    Maybe you should eat a functioning brain and hope to realise that vegetarianism is idiotic.

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