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google doc vs microsoft word?

Application Software comparisons—Web applications are becoming increasingly popular, and some people prefer the convenience of using a Web application instead of application software installed on their computer. For example, some people prefer to use Google Docs (a Web application) to Microsoft Word. Your boss notices this trend and asks you whether it will benefit the company to use Web applications instead of application software. Compare application software installed on your computer with a comparable Web application. Are any security risks associated with using eh application software? How do the features compare between a Web application and the application software? Would you recommend using a Web application to application software? Why?

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    I recently had a very crappy experience with Google Docs. You do have to install it on the computer. I'm pretty good with computers and I didn't know what was going on with this crazy thing. All I know is everything in my library was all screwed up. A complete mess. Everything was all changed around. Then when I tried to fix it, my pictures disappeared altogether. I then had to call up the manufacturer of my laptop, and luckily I got everything back to normal. But I almost wasn't so lucky. I was being told by the technicians that all my files had become "corrupted" (they love that word-its like the only technical term they know), and my laptop would have to be restored back to its factory settings and of course then I'd have to spend the next 3 days putting everything back in order. But I wasn't going for it and got a 2nd and 3rd opinions. Finally I got this guy who actually knew what he was doing and he fixed the problem. Yeah-I'd definately go with Microsoft Word.

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