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In the marines does it make a difference if your a low ranked officer or a PFC?

If you did 03 as your MOS and

You are a PFC would you be doin the same

Things as a 2nd lieutenant? But the only difference is that he would be leading you?

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    No Jake. No, no, no. Oh Jake, read a book.

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    No the job of Military Officers in all branches is to plan, lead and execute the mission at hand. You're job as an Officer is to delegate authority and make sure the task at hand is completed. A PFC will not be doing any of that stuff. The PFC will do exactly what you tell him to do.

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    That officer is in charge of a 30 man platoon. A PFC is lucky to make it to formation in time.

    Source(s): 26 years active Army service.
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