what job involves taking care of exotic animals?

i see many videos on youtube of people having animals like foxes, owls, and even various types of wild cats, in their home. besides the obvious zoo job, what job could i have where i could do this

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are big cat, primate, reptile, wild bird and marine rescues that always need volunteers, as well as employ Veterinarians, nutritionists, landscapers, keepers (some/most allow the public to visit, and require tour guides), etc.

    Friends of Animals-link

    info re: Animal Rehabilitation centers/reserves & sanctuaries

    employment and volunteer opportunities.

    (many offer free room & board for their volunteers)



    Shambala is a big-cat rescue/preserve, in Calif. They allow interested and concerned people to visit. I'm sure the personnel would be helpful if you contacted them re: volunteering and/or possible employment opportunities.


    6867 Soledad Canyon Road

    Acton, CA



    The Snow Leopard Rescue

    Snow Leopard rescue/You Tube


    Youtube thumbnail

    Snow Leopard.org


    There are many rescues and conservation-oriented organizations that one could work with (and for) exotic animals and marine life. Your search should begin with your own local, as there are countless Wildlife Rehabilitation Reserves & Sanctuaries, located all around the globe..that help injured or orphaned animals, birds and reptiles.


    Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center



    link to

    UK Animal Rescuers and rescues:


    Wild Animal Orphanage

    Animal Sanctuary of USA



    Animal Sanctuaries and Wildlife Rehabilitation



    Primarily Primates rescue


    Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Rehab


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  • 8 years ago

    There are many to choose from. I have enjoyed a long career of working with fox, cheetah, kinkajou, reptiles, marine fish, raptors, parrots, coyote, and others.


    •Marine Mammals

    •Large cats




    •Veterinarians/Vet Techs or assistants

    •Wildlife Educators/LOutreach specialists


    •Field scientists

    •Animal assisted therapists

    Here is my site for you to enjoy. It contains many possibilities so click away on the many links that you can find: http://zoocrewkids.blogspot.com/

    This site has places to look at internships, mentorships, schooling and international links

    Source(s): 40 + years American Association of Zookeepers Aquariums and Zoological Association Association of Professional Wildlife Educators International Herpetological Association International Association of Zoo Educators http://zoocrewkids.blogspot.com/
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