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What's the difference between/purpose of hard drive, RAM, and SSD?

I'm learning about computers right now and just wanted a detailed answer on these memory components, preferably a noob friendly but in-depth answer :)

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    Hard drive is your memory storage area...the things you want to "save" it also holds you programs. If you take lots of pictures or download lots of "stuff" you want a big capacity hard drive like 1T or better.

    SSD is a hard drive but many times faster than a normal hard drive. because of it price, most of us use it just to put on the OS as that's the one program that takes the longest to turn up. Most of use don't use more than a 128GB SSD and you can get away with just a 64GB SSD if you only put on the operating system and some small programs you use all the time.

    Ram is your "temporary" memory. you need it to access files and do "work" quickly. It only is used when you need it...but "better to have it and not need it...than to need it and not have it"! Usually 8GB of DDR3-1600 is more than sufficient for most anything you may do.

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    Ram stands for Random Accessed Memory.\

    A hard drive is used for storage.

    And a SSD is usually for boot-up.

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    For me ram is allows the computer to save and retrieve data and programs quickly. Harddrive on the other hand is used to read and write data. Solid State Harddrive, is simply a faster version of the Harddrive it can sometimes read data 3 times faster than a regular harddrive.

    thanks for 2 points :)

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