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It wasn't until recently i first heard of the octree, and I must admit i was struck by it's simplicity. I never actually implemented this structure and therefore I will present no pseudo code at all. This explanation is merely an attempt to make it more clear to people who have never heard of it. Besides, if you really understand the structure, then implementation is a piece of cake.

請問 i was struck by it's simplicity. 的 struck 是什麼意思?

註:Octree 是一種電腦程式的資料結構。



請問為什麼 struck 是「驚訝」的意思?我在網路辭典上,完全找不到這個意思!

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    i was struck by it's simplicity.

    it's 不對 = its 才對


    struck 是 strike 的過去分詞。在這裡的意思,英文定義:impress (令人印象深刻)

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    我是根據前後文來判斷 struck 的意思。

    你可以參考網路英英字典,strike 用法很多,這兩個最接近你這句使用的:

    18. To affect keenly or forcibly; impress. See Synonyms at affect1.

    19. To enter the mind of: The thought struck me from out of the blue.


    2012-07-08 15:19:16 補充:

    連帶現在分詞 striking 可以當形容詞,也是 impressive 或 noticeable 是 "令人印象深刻";"顯然";"引人注意" - 就是源自上述的動詞用法。

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