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Friday Night SmackDown Ep.68 presented by BVW. Is it good?

April 19, 2013:

GM Teddy Long opens the show to cheers. He’s all smiles. He says, “Welcome to SmackDown playas!” He says that he has to address four men. Tyler Black, CM Punk, Christian, and John Cena. Tyler Black has found problems with Punk, and Christian with John Cena. With Hardcore Havoc approaching in 9 days, he has come to a decision. Tyler Black will wrestle CM Punk in a Hardcore Submission Match with El Generico/Delirious banned from ringside and Christian will wrestle John Cena in a Street Fight. Both at Hardcore Havoc, tonight Christian teams with Randy Orton to wrestle John Cena and World Champ CM Punk. He leaves to cheers.

Match 1-Sheamus vs Vladimir Kozlov:

Sheamus wins w/the Brogue Kick

Post Match: Sheamus talks into the camera, he says that last Monday he was cheated this Monday he makes it right. He leaves to boos.

Match 2-Tag Champ Curt Hawkins w/Zack Ryder vs Jay Lethal w/Xavier Woods:

Jay wins w/the Diving Elbow Drop

Post Match: Jay grabs a mic as Zack helps Curt out of the ring. Jay says that he has been going over Xavier’s winning NXT Contract, and in the fine print it says that not only does Xavier get to choose which title he wants a shot at but also the stipulation. Xavier smiles, he says that at Hardcore Havoc they will be going EXTREME. When they win their tag team titles they wants Falls to Count Anywhere. They smile as the segment ends.

Pretaped segment is shown of IC Champ Cody Rhodes. Cody says that he suffered the biggest injustice last week, losing to that greasy haired buffoon Dolph Ziggler. Tonight, he gets his rematch but he has a proposal they have a match at Hardcore Havoc for either the MITB Briefcase or HIS IC Title. Tonight’s match determines which will be on the line. Would do you say, Dolph? The segment fades to Mr. MITB Dolph in the ring holding a mic. Dolph says that he gladly accepts the challenge and when he wins tonight he will the NEW IC Champ at HH. Their match is next!

Match 3-IC Champ Cody Rhodes vs Mr. MITB Dolph Ziggler(Loser has to put either IC Title or MITB Briefcase up at Hardcore Havoc Match):

Cody wins w/the Cross Rhodes

Match 4-Bobby Lashley vs Mark Henry:

Bobby wins w/the Spear

Post Match: Bobby celebrates, music hits and here comes Kane! Commentator Matt Striker reminds the fans that Bobby beat the hell out of Kane last week. Kane is met by a hard right from Bobby, they exchange blows. Mark clips Bobby’s knee, and leaves to boos. Kane take advantage, drops Bobby with a Chokeslam and another! Kane stands tall to boos as the segment ends.

Interview with Randy Orton: Josh Matthews starts to ask him a question, but Randy tells him to shut his mouth. He says that last week he earned what he rightfully deserved, he earned a World Title shot. In 2 weeks at Hardcore Havoc, he will destroy Chris Jericho and get his revenge. Tonight, will be a small preview. He is going to send Chris to the hospital asking for antivenom after he suffers an RKO. Josh asks Randy is he knows what the stipulation for their match will be. Randy smiles and says he will get to beat Chris in a Tables Match. His match is next!

Match 5-World Champ Chris Jericho/John Cena vs Randy Orton/Christian:

Chris/John win w/John’s AA on Christian

Post Match: Randy Orton stares down with Chris Jericho. John is celebrating behind Randy. Randy spits in Chris’ face, and Chris tries for a right hook but Randy avoids it and he hits John! Christian pulls John out of the ring. Randy drops Chris with the RKO! John and Christian brawl, Cena gets the upperhand and gives Christian the AA through the table! Randy stands over Chris to boos, John stands over Christian to cheers as the show closes.

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    whenever i read a smackdown show on here i picture the ACTUAL smackdown so i assume it was boring, and i couldnt shake that notion while reading this.

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    ( journey a million ) - 5 / 10 sturdy decision having Ryder / Hawkins enhance yet you have gotten made them look plenty extra remarkable interior the approach ( journey 2 ) - 5 / 10 ( see journey a million ) ( journey 3 ) - 8 / 10 Why no longer in simple terms make it the international's superb Tag group why positioned Goldust in there with Benjamin ??? ( journey 4 ) - 0 / 10 Do you quite have faith certainly one of them would desire to win the KOTR journey with the adult adult males you had enhance in it ? ( journey 5 ) - 3 / 10 lower back guy with the pointless managers that kill the journey ( considerable journey ) - 10 / 10 usual - 5 / 10 plenty extra useful than i keep in mind this KOTR journey is beginning up to warmth up & whilst i dont consider all the adult adult males that have progressed the PPV is beneficial to be a sturdy one. On yet another observe Tyler Black isn't a achievable opponent for Punk, i in simple terms cant photograph him taking the belt. observe to the clever

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    ur ****** in the head

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