What happened to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?

I barely hear anything about them.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Their multi millionaires and not even thirty yet. They can definitely afford to take a back seat from the spot light. However there was a recent interview in Elle UKs magazine Ashley had said "I dont like to be the center of attention anymore. It's important and liberating to be on the other side of the lens. It doesn't mean I'm not interested in Hollywood but if I ever get back in it's not going to be as an actress."

    While Mary Kate says "it just felt right to move away from the spotlight"

    They continue working on their successful clothing lineThe Row, a luxury apparel brand named after London’s historic Savile Row. So they have successfully grown from child stars to authentic fashion designers. But just cause Mary Kate and Ashley are done with acting doesnt mean their sister is done too...I heard Lizzie Olsen has been making quite a name for herself in the world of acting. Good luck to all of them!

    *Imagine being born in 86' and acting from 87'-11', long time...

    Source(s): Elle UKs Magazine
  • 8 years ago

    Well they Quit Acting, and are focusing on their fashion lines

    I know Mary Kate is dating Olivier Sarkozy who is 43

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    8 years ago

    They're currently working in fashion. They have a couture fashion line called "The Row," as well as a line for J.C. Penney called "Olsenboye."

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    8 years ago


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  • 8 years ago

    one died of starvation, and the other ate the remains...

    idk, you're on the internet, why not look them up?

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