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Does society have a moral obligation...?

to redress its historical injustices to those whom it has oppressed in the past?

If yes, what do you value besides for morality and justice?

If no, what do you value?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Absolutely not - that "moral obligation" mumbo-jumbo is the talk of people who are working on a new world order to enslave all poor people regardless of race or specific cultural persuasions.

    The degree of wrong which was done to any damaged groups can never be accurately judged by today's generation anyway. We weren't there, where the whites who could not go back to Europe were threatened by starvation, anarchy, and primitive people who they could not understand who were shooting death their way. The Indians jealously guarded their hunting territory, and while people who are of similar culture would acknowledge they had the right, it seemed to whites that their relative few numbers required too much land. So it is when the agricultural society meets that of the hunter-gather! The lack of ability to work together on issues was a problem which neither side was capable of resolving. Then there were the blacks who were shipped off to Europe and America as slaves because other blacks in Africa hated them! Shouldn't it be the original dealer who takes the rap for this? Sometimes bad things happen to people, whether they deserve it or not, but to cause more bad things to people who never did them such harm will never make any of it right!

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  • john m
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Society is an illusion created by the law makers who govern and control us.

    Morality is subject to the person.

    Justice is in the hands of the powerful who administer it by the application of the law.

    An injustice created by oppression in the past is rarely vindicated because history is wrote by the winners.

    I value the truth but this will get you damned because the world is one big lie.

    With religion morality and ethics become supernatural and subject to a form of divine or universal justice outside the law and the law makers.

    Whether it is true or not this thought gives people a sense of retribution and justice because we all know that if there is no God who is the supreme arbitrator of justice then the individual can do as they please with only the consequences happening if they get caught.

    The powerful who control and govern us are in a position to avoid the penalty of societies laws.The poor remain poor because of greed and waste.The weak get punished because the law is a rich persons game and historical injustices are consigned to the history books.

    This is the danger of atheist secular thought.

    If I have no conscience and I was a concentration camp guard in the holocaust and I were cruel and inhumane to Jews and I contributed to their deaths if I don't have no conscience to feel empathy how then will I be punished?

    It is easy to say that that person will be living in their own hell but I disagree and this is why I believe in something far more powerful then humanity to redress this because without it the strong would kill the weak for myriad reasons with no compunction.

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  • G C
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Some things you cannot go back and undo. Just because a people were enslaved in the past, doing for their offspring really does no good. Those who are the ones doing were not the ones who wrong those who were oppressed.

    A society has a moral responsibility to do what is right in the now.

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  • 8 years ago

    Moral is very personal.. some people have good moral, some have bad.. and some don't have any.. no matter what their religion or beliefs, there are always someone who stand out to both sides of the extremes

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  • 8 years ago

    The only position that holds up to all codes of morality and justice is that we as humans are guilty of all sin by default. And thus, it is the admonishion to all men that we are the keeper of our brothers to an extent that we forfeit our own lives in humble servitude to one another. Few can aspire to this.

    God bless you.

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