engine problem landrover freelander?

hi all,

i have an 99 landrover freelander petrol, yesterday engine was stuttering and losing power but i seemed to be able to sort it out by half clutching and re- accelerating brought the power back.

later i noticed engine seemed a bit warmer than normal.

today while i was driving same happened again went on for a bit though, but then all of a sudden engine stopped and wont start again, it rotates but doesn't engage.

ahhhh, hate this.

so problems iam sure its not,

water pump is fine, plenty of coolant also.

now am not 100% sure but i think fans might not have been working as i dont remember the noise coming from there today.

if any1 has any ideas before mechanic hits me with some crazy figure that would be great or some tips.

over the phone mech. jumped straight in saying it could be head gasket, is there any other problems it might be, maybe something common in freelanders.

thx all

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    "something common in freelanders."

    That'll be the head gasket.

    Impossible to know what it is, just get it to a garage you trust and take it from there, but these things are notorious for HG failure, a 99 has done well if it's lasted this long.

  • tike
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Check your h.t. leads for damage and your distributor or coils. If it has coils, take off the engine cover with 3 screws. Then unscrew the 2 coils. Take each of the leads off and replace. If the engine starts again, then both coils need to be replaced.

    (€57 on ebay)

    Check the rotor arm and distributor cap for excessive wear and also the ends of each lead.

    For the h.g. check the dipstick and oil cap for a creamy residue.

    For timing belt, take off the under engine tray if it's still there and push against the belt that goes directly upwards. If it feels loose, then the valves have hit the pistons and it's nearly cheaper to fit a replacement engine.

    Oh, for the h.g also check the coolant for oily deposits and around the engine itself for any leakage

    Source(s): My own '01 freelander
  • 3 years ago

    If there are bent valves interior the engine, then the timing chain, or belt, the two broke or slipped to throw the engine out of time, and the right of the pistons struck the valves, bending them. So there would desire to be harm to the pistons, and specific to the rods additionally. the main suitable wager is to make certain in case you may desire to locate a used engine, that would in all threat be the main inexpensive direction, because of the fact attempting to repair the present engine might in all threat grow to be a money pit.

  • Neil B
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    It's the k-series in that year Freelander still, so almost certainly the head gasket as they are very prone to failure.

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