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Megatron or Tom Brady?

I'm in a 10 man draft and I'm pick 5. I can't decide between Tom brady and Calvin Johnson. If I pick Megatron, I can pick up Vick or Romo later in the , but it always seems like the difference between a good QB and a great one is 100+ points.

What do you guys think?

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    Take Brady. There are question marks over every running back this year and Johnson more than likely will see statistical declines this year. Brady is money in the Bank and can make your team legit by himself. Waiting on a QB like Romo wouldn't be terrible but you don't want to be stuck with anything outside the top 8 QB's. People say you can play the matchups and get the same production but that is assuming you can pick correctly each week which is very hard to do. Go with safety in QB and you can pick the best available player the rest of the draft because you know you have the most important position in fantasy covered. my top 10 go like this: Rice, Rodgers, Foster, McCoy, Brady, MJD, Calvin, Mathews, Brees, Fitzgerald

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    There's 2 flaws in your logic. First, even at 5 overall, you have to respond to what's happening around you. For reasons I can't begin to imagine, there's a feeding frenzy on QBs taken early, and it's very possible one of the elite 3 RBs (Foster, Rice, McCoy) is still on the board at 5. If he is, you grab him.

    The other flaw is your assumption that the point difference between the top QB and the #15 QB is significant. It isn't, because you can easily replace the points of a top QB by getting guys who will put up great numbers in the right matchups. This year there's a ton of them: E. Manning, P. Manning, Ryan, Cutler, Big Ben, Carson Palmer, Romo, Vick, Schaub (Foster helps a lot here), and then there's always 2 or 3 who come out of nowhere (like Cam Newton last year). Spend your early rounds getting elite starters at RB/WR (especially RB) and then when everyone is taking lesser guys, you can pick up a couple of these matchup QBs in rounds 4-6.

    So if the top 3 RBs are gone, I personally would not take Brady. It would be a decision between Megatron or an RB. And if you do take Megatron, your next 2 picks have to be starting, every down RBs. There will be a couple still available in the 3rd round, like Lynch, Starks, the 2 rookies, etc.

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    Tom Brady

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    I would probably woos out and take a running back, but given the choice between Tron and brady, I would say Tron.

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    Look for Rodgers first, couldn't go wrong with either tho, if it's ppr take calvin for sure

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