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how would i get a job as a composer for film and television?

i will be going into my third year of university studying music next year, and i would like to do this when i leave. i think i am capable of doing a job like this, but i am just wondering how i would get into it. would like to compose jingles for adverts and stuff like that, or music similar vik sharmas music on "an idiot abroad", not so much orchestral compositions for films. any help?

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  • Neil
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    The best way to start is to make music. Once you have a nice original mix (dramatic, romantic, suspenseful) I suggest opening up a web-site so that potential Producers can sample your work.

    You should also get involved with local indie filmmakers and offer to write a score or just musical bridges for features, shorts, industrial videos, etc. These young filmmakers are the ones that will be on the front lines in a few years so get in on the bottom floor.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    skills which you quite choose earlier turning out to be a action picture composer: a million) A *good* information in song concept (many times 5-8 semesters well worth), Orchestration, (song) Literature, and a few historic past. 2) means to study sheet song (i'm not sure in case you may on account which you play piano by technique of ear; in any different case, sorry for an assumption that I made). 3) reliable song Composition journey - which style of pertains to piano journey, additionally. in case you ever have a gamble, verify that your song analyzing skills are as much as par (returned, if i'm incorrect with the perception, sorry) and which you practice for a regular tool - i could propose a swap to a song Composition important. ideal of success.

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