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Why do offices have plants?

I'm curious as to the historical context for corporate offices and white collar desk type jobs having large potted plants in them, fake or real. How did it come about?

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    There is nothing better for making the office space more pleasurable, healthy and welcoming than the addition of office plants. The wide range of interior plants means the exact look of the business environment is thoroughly customisable to the desires of employers and employees alike.

    Improving the aesthetic of the office environment is vitally important for the comfort and wellbeing of the office workforce and can also play a great part in projecting a positive corporate image when welcoming clients into your business.

    There are many benefits and advantages to the installation of office plants. It is widely proven that interior plants can vastly enhance the business atmosphere and working ambience, boosting the wellbeing of the workforce and raising efficiency and productivity levels.

    The drab and conservative aesthetic of the average office space can be reinvigorated and revitalised with the addition of the glowing greenery of office plants. When a company shows it is conscious of its environment it suggests their commitment to ensuring their stylish corporate image matches their strong reputation for great business.

    Furthermore, with eco-friendly protocols such an important standard in today's business world, interior plants can symbolise a company's corporate social responsibility and dedication to meeting environmental duties. A green office environment speaks suggests a green business ethic.

    The corporate workforce will greatly benefit from the uplifting effect of office plants, which have been proven to radically reduce stress levels and the absenteeism it can cause. Naturally, this also enhances staff wellbeing and boosts productivity.

    Just as important as the aesthetic and stress reducing effects brought about by installing indoor plants are the very real physical benefits created by the natural chemical processes of plants which raise humidity levels and reduce air pollution. There are dangerous toxins which build up from the materials used in computers, furniture and plastic fittings, not to mention the chemical residue of cleaning products.

    Office plants naturally absorb and nullify these dangerous chemicals while also increasing air humidity, which eradicates the dry conditions in which germs thrive, thereby helping employees to stay well and avoid unnecessary absence.

    Office plant maintenance is extremely simple, many of the indoor plants are extremely hardy and very little time needs to be invested in maintaining healthy plants through a quick cleaning process and watering.

    The advantages from having office plants are clear. Employers will enjoy the psychological and physical benefits which result from indoor plants, while visiting clients will be impressed by their pleasurable surroundings when engaging in that all important initial handshake.

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    The raise of skyscrapers and urban office spaces brought about a slew of problems with off gassing of construction materials and toxic air that was not circulated properly. As more attention was brought to regulating construction & design to meet clean air standards, supplementary methods for clean air such as plants came to be widely used.

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    Partly for decoration, but, real plants also help clean the air. Spider plants in particular absorb bad gasses, etc., and generate oxygen. They can actually make a big difference in a room, and are very easy to care for.

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