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I'm pregnant and i have no idea what to name my child! any suggestions?

i am just a teenager and i want my baby to know that i love him or her so much and i think a good name should be the first step to that. please, the baby's father and i have no idea.


Do you guys like these names?


- Kylie Skye

- Cecilia Charlotte

-Delilah Hope


-Conner Jaxon

-Daniel Conner

-Nate Tyler

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    As long as you choose a name that's recognizable and uses traditional spelling your child will do well in life. You want to avoid names that require your kid to correct everyone everytime they try to spell it, or names so strange the child has to repeat him or herself every time there's an introduction. First impressions are important, don't rob your child of that.

    Otherwise, pick a list of names meaningful to you. Family names or names are a good place to start. If your father is named George, you could consider the girl's name Georgia to honor her grandfather. If his mom's name is Patricia, you could put the boy's name Patrick on the list. Surnames like Grayson or Taylor can be a good way to honor your ancestors. Hunt around in your family tree for first names and last names that appeal to you.

    Kylie Skye 2/10 - Kylie is fine, especially if she's named in honor of a male relative named Kyle. Skye is fine as a middle name, but not with Kylie, that's too many Y sounds. Kylie Hope would be a better combination.

    Cecilia Charlotte 5/10 - Again, both names are fine on their own, but together it's a lot of similar sounds.

    Delilah Hope 8/10 - My favorite of your girl combinations, both names complement eachother well.

    Conner Jaxon 6/10 - It's okay. I like the name Connor, but prefer it as a middle name. I'm not a big fan of Jaxon, and I prefer the spelling Jackson.

    Daniel Connor 7/10 - Love Daniel as a first name, love Connor as a middle name, but together they just don't sound quite right.

    Nate Tyler 5/10 - Nate is a nickname for Nathan or Nathaniel. Nathaniel Tyler gets a 9/10 from me.

    Based on those names, here's some more names you might like:

    Girls - Alexis, Alicia, Alyssa, Amber, Azure, Chloe, Crystal, Daphne, Elodie, Felicity, Gwenyth, Hannah, Harmony, Iris, Ivy, Juliana, Kendra, Keira, Leah, Lily, Melody, Naomi, Samantha, Selena, Serena, Skylar, Veronica, Victoria, Virginia, Zoey

    Boys - Arthur, Alexander, Benjamin, Brendan, Charles, Cory, Dylan, Gavin, Jason, Jordan, Liam, Logan, Lucas, Marcus, Noah, Owen, Rory, Skyler, Zachary

    Nymbler is a great name generator. It looks at length, sound, origin, meaning and popularity of names you like and suggests similar names. You can start by entering in your own names and going from there.

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    Girls :












    Source(s): My fave names
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    Boys: Anthony, Dominic, Giovanni, Cameron, Austin, Jake, Travis, Tyler, Xavier, Andrew, Matthew, Ronnie, James, Liam, Jacob, those are boys names off the top of my head Girls: Gabrielle, Michaela, Isabella, Angelina, Lauren, Victoria, Xandra, Caitlin, Christine, Carly, Xena, Kalynn, Sarah, Nicole, Brittany, Brianna, Natalie, Lindsey, Sabrina, Gina, Samantha, Rebecca, Roxanne. Again, more off the top of my head.

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    Alexander James

    Kaiden Bryce

    David Henry

    Daniel Jared

    Cody William

    Jasper Gordon


    Melody Rose

    Nicola Grace

    Elizabeth Zoe

    Ruby Allanah

    Christina Jade

    Lily Sophia

    Please don't go with a misspelled name, or one of the mega-popular names, since they won't be popular forever, and will look reallk bad on an adult :)

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    If its a boy I suggest naming it after its dad. Other wise I have my favorite boy names:




    Adien (or Ayden)





    Girl names:







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    That is 1 beautiful name!

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    Matthew is what I named my son because it means gift of god, which he most certainly is.

    Your baby will know that you love it by the care you give it, someone could easily name their kid precious or lovely and treat it like crap, ya know?

    Your child will know how much you love it when they realize how much you had to go through and sacrifice to have them and raise them, probably when they become a parent themselves.

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    i like Kylie and Daniel and Nate

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    They have names for certain origins, and even tells you the meaning on the names.

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    im in the same boat as you and me and my boyfriend have decided to name our baby (if its a girl) faith because when everything else is gone you still always have faith

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