Can someone recommend a good place showing how to jailbreak or unlock an iphone?

Hey how can I jailbreak/unlock an iphone? So my roommate gave me his old phone cause he's moving overseas, and I wanna stay on my contract. Is jailbreaking the same as unlocking and how do I do it? I don't wanna have to send the phone anywhere and get ripped off, how do I know I can trust some place online when there are so many of them. Help!! I need to get this sorted quick because my other phone is wrecked and I need it for college. What sites are good to jailbreak or unlock an iphone quickly and without risking my iphone?

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    7 years ago
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    I use when I need to jailbreak or unlock an iphone, they are brilliant and you can read their testimonials page like I did if you want to see you can trust them. I didn't have to send my phone off, and they got the unlock codes to me within an hour, by email and they also offer customer support if you have any problems unlocking your iphone. You can pay safely and they are easier to get a hold of if you need to speak to someone regarding your order. They are among the cheapest, but they are very reliable so you get the best of both worlds. I've never needed to take advantage of this but If they can't find out how to jailbreak or unlock an iphone using its unique IMEI, they offer your money back in full, no hassle.

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    6 years ago

    How’re you?:

    Jailbreaking is a very bad idea. It is a violation of the Terms and Conditions you agreed to in order to use your iOS device. Thus, think twice before you jailbreak your device.

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      dude i dont think anyone actually reads that

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