Why do liberal arts professors have jobs when they produce nothing for society?


Who would demand to pay money for a liberal arts degree when it won't be a wise investment?

Update 2:

@ Coach Cut out everything that isn't STEM. Only fund science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Update 3:

I don't consider mathematics and science to be liberal arts.

Update 4:

@ oklohomo I could give a damn how many college degrees you have. The only liberal arts Ph.Ds that contribute anything to society are applied mathematics and sciences, although I hate to even consider those "liberal arts" as it mixes them in with worthless subjects like philosophy.

Update 5:

A student should already know how to read and write by the time they reach college - any additional training in those areas is unnecessary, or should be unnecessary. Students who decide to study liberal arts, except for mathematics and science, should NOT be given student loan money.

Update 6:

@ oklohomo I'd love to contribute my skills to society. Only problem is, there are very few jobs, and because of academic inflation, you practically need a Master's to get hired anywhere.

Update 7:

@ oklohomo I went to a private school and got mostly a free ride. I got a 110K education for less than 10K, and I just need 4 credits to get a B.A. math with a minor in physics.

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  • CoachT
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    8 years ago
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    Are you aware that math and the sciences are also liberal arts? Are you contending that scientists don't contribute to society? That mathematicians are useless? Surely not. Maybe you missed the "what are the liberal arts" lesson...

    Did Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin contribute anything to society? They studied the liberal arts. How about President Adams who suggested that you should study the liberal arts in order to be a good citizen? How about President Ronald Reagan who earned his degree in Economics and Sociology which are, yes, liberal arts. President Bush Sr. earned a BA in Econ. President Bush Jr. earned his in History. All liberal arts. Liberal arts professors produced those folks and many more like them. President Jefferson not only taught liberal arts but was president of a liberal arts college. What have you done that even comes close in comparison? Many of our greatest Americans completed their undergraduate studies in the liberal arts.

    Perhaps the issue is that you've mistaken the academic liberal arts for 'liberal leaning politician' -- yeah, not so much reality there. The words are similar sounding but definitely not the same in meaning.

    Interesting reading for those unfamiliar with what the liberal arts are -

    Add: You're not important enough to get to decide what is and isn't the liberal arts. That was decided 100's of years ago. Maybe you should read more. Just saying. Really? You want to change the definition of liberal arts to suit your own agenda? Really? Talk about liberal. "I don't like that word's meaning so I just change it to what I like."

    And what good is a scientist that can't read and write? What would we use the technology for if not to inform and entertain? What do the engineers build auditoriums or stadiums for if there's nobody to use them? Perhaps we could have science fairs in the auditoriums and MathOlympics in the stadiums - would you go?

    But, alas, wasted breath isn't it?

    Add: for busywork - if it's important to you; the set of initials after my name is BA, BSc, MA, MBA, MA (only one of those MA's is in HR) -- that's about as close to an expert on being in college as most people get. If it's important to you. Then again, just as the OP doesn't know what the Liberal Arts encompass, you seem to not be aware that training and adult education are functions of Human Resources. Get out and read more...

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  • 8 years ago

    CoachT's prose is very long, isn't it? He answered one of my questions, and he included a lot of elements that're not related to the question at all. He said that he has a master's degree in Human Resources. And yet, here, he answered this question as if he were some kind of education expert....

    To OP:

    I 100% agree with you that many majors such as comparative literture/politics or philosophy are completely USELESS.

    We should indeed only fund science and applied math programs.

    When it comes to math, useless crap such as abstract math should get NO funding from American taxpayers!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you don't publish in academia you perish. Teaching is not the only way Liberal Arts Ph.Ds contribute society. Some of them work at fast food joints just to survive. Yes, Of course they are-over-qualified, but at least they have a job. and ARE contributing to society even if YOU THINK they are not contributing in any way. HOW ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIETY with YOUR existence.? I have FOUR college degrees , almost five. I've started to apply to work at Wal-mart several times because my college degrees does not make me any better or any worse than any one else who works at Wal-Mart.

    BEFORE you criticize any one with a college degree for being a leach on society, GET ONE YOURSELF BY EARNING IT. Narcissists like YOU AE LEACHES ON SOCIETY because you make US feed your ego bY GETTING ONLINE AND STARTING ARGUMENTS on PURPOSE. Get offline and go to school. Become an English major or history major and then a smart-*** lawyer who thinks he knows everything until you get caught for embesslement or fraud and end up in jail like Karl Rove did.

    Source(s): See my profile.
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  • hey that's not true. my sociology professor taught that everything was the white mans fault. my ethics teacher taught me all i have to do is meet the word requirement on my essay and i will get an 'A', and my writing 101 teacher taught me the difference between a narrative essay versus a compare and contrast essay...YEAH!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The produce additional liberals. Kind of like the starter pack of yeast required to grow more yeast.

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  • Dan
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Because there's a demand.

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