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Visiting Abby Lee Dance Company?

I'm a HUGE fan of the show and I'm traveling to Pittsburgh soon.

Are you allowed to visit ALDC? Or do they not like it when fans just come to the studio?

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    Lucky! I'm a HUGE Dance Moms fan! But I don't think you can just walk in and be like "Hey Abby! I'm a fan and I just wanted to come meet you!" I don't think you can do that, because if you want to meet the girls, they might not be their at a certain time(but it seems from the show they almost live there) and Abby could have a class and stuff. I would call them first and make sure, or else you might just end up there and it would be awkward, but hope you have fun, I live in PA but my mom will never take me.

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    8 years ago

    OMG I LOVE DANCE MOMS TOO! I think it would be great to go and actually get to go there. Just try it, get some autographs and pictures while you're at it. Not just from Abby, the moms and of course the dancers too!

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