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Is it possible for women to ever be better than men at football?

Maybe there is a female version of Messi? What do you guys think? Anything is possible, right?


K.Patel, I am going to need you to provide some evidence to support this sexist statement, I'll break it down specifically:

"I dont think a woman can ever be better than a man at football. This is owing to their physical and mental inadequacies."

What? "Mental inadequacies." Can you please elaborate? As far as I am aware, healthy men and women do not have mental inadequacies. I'll emphasize on healthy here. Those with mental disabilities, illnesses and other disabilities that contribute to some inhibition does not apply. From that statement you are implying that men in general are more mentally astute than women? I don't think so but please clarify because it is easy to misconstrue your statement.

" The closest a woman can come is probably being a goal poacher or a creative midfielder (who dont need to run a lot)" LOL. Yeah, clarify.

Update 2:

Yes because generally women are social compared to men. Men are more independent. There are exceptions though.

Update 3:

You had enough time to type up a response and to edit your response, so I presume you have time to type up a concise explanation. Please clarify your bit on mental inadequacies? Your statement implies that men are more superior mentally than women. Kiwi did not cover up the statement I am itching to know more about.

Update 4:

Physically men are at an advantage to women. They are larger than us women. That is just facts. Their hormones also promote why they are at an advantage e.g testosterone. I am not sure where you are going with 'mental inadequacies.'

Update 5:

@shed lol it's okay I will screenshot this entire page so he can delete it or not but I'll always feel free to re-upload his previous statement. I am really itching to understand the point he was trying to get across. I have an inkling feeling that it's tied in with his slight apprehension towards women. I could be wrong. :P

He is some-what factual with the physical difference between men and women. We can go all the way back and discuss the hunter gatherer days; Men vs. Women because he is right about that.

Update 6:

First off, this isn't really an argument. You have a position and I am asking for an elaboration because I do not want to attack your argument based on me misconstruing your argument. I want to be clear on things.

Secondly, you did not elaborate. Your elaboration was quite insufficient. You are giving me hypothetical situations. I have to wonder, have you ever observed women running? For more than 30-40 minutes? You've stated that you play football, presuming it's with other men. Are women are present? Of course you are going to back men up - you play with them. Correct me if I am wrong. But I sense a bit of bias here. Once again, I did not get the elaboration I was searching for. Perhaps you actually do not have any evidence to back up your statement? Just a thought. I mean something like "Women are mentally inferior to men because... men can tolerate pain more better than women." Something like that, that statement is of course fallacious and miniscule but th

Update 7:

@Sinister, it's not sexist to say Men are better than women at football, if you back it up.

Update 8:

I do not disagree with any of you that say men are physically built to be better at these sports than women. Men are at an advantage and this is factually correct.

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    There aren't many competitive disciplines in which women can live with men, if any. At the highest level in any sport you care to name, women are slower, smaller and weaker. They are at an immediate disadvantage, before they commence training. They would be beaten to the ball all the time and shrugged off it too easily. If this wasn't the case, then there wouldn't be gender segregation in the first place in competitive disciplines. It has become fashionable to suggest that any human being is capable of anything, when it is not the case. I'll tackle your wider argument.

    There are a few well known examples of women failing to cut it when they've tried to succeed competing against the men. Dobromyslova in the darts, which is of course, a barely physical sport but it relies heavily on muscle memory and hand to eye co-ordination. She failed miserably, and she was EASILY the best women's player at the time, of all time in fact - no woman has gotten remotely close to her averages. Yet she would be merely a good county player in the English darts system.

    Michelle Wie - "Observers of golf have criticized Wie's efforts to play in PGA Tour events through sponsors' exemptions. Wie has made only one cut in a men's tournament, and has made no cuts on the PGA Tour. After missing the cut at the 2007 Sony Open by 14 shots, many sports critics began to doubt whether she ever will." No point in resorting to an ad hominem and bashing the source here, the facts speak for themselves. She is currently ranked 2nd in the women's game.

    The Williams sisters, aspiring to play on the ATP tour and make history, were soundly thrashed in an exhibition, one after the other, by none other than 203rd ranked Karsten Braasch. That's where their bragging got them.

    I'm sure there are a few others.

    THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT WOMEN ARE INFERIOR! It means that women are inferior at sports, and you can extend that to the majority of competitive disciplines with a non-physical element - why do they segregate chess, for instance? And why are the top males' ELO rating that much higher? Why all-female poker tournaments? It's because, although there are some very good female poker players out there, women need to be seen to be winning tournaments regularly in order to encourage female participation. Those female-only tournaments are vital - why is that?

    Equal but different - as long as women's sports continue to attract interest from the paying public, I say that they remain separate. Who wants to see the best female tennis player in the world get thrashed by, say, Sam Querrey? Who wants to see Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the fastest woman in the World at the moment, failing to even qualify for a unified gender Olympics because she can only run a miserable 10.70 at her best? Do you want to see Floyd Mayweather take on the best female 147-154 pound boxer? Me neither.

    How demoralising would it be for aspiring female athletes to NEVER, ever succeed, simply because they have to compete with faster, larger and stronger male athletes? Because that's what would happen.

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    Women can play any other sport like Tennis or Badminton or Volleyball and even compete with men if you ask me but NOT football. Its a fact and its not a sexist comment.

    Football has Men written all over it.I mean Women can compete with each other.

    The main reason for Men being better than women in sports overall are the *testosterone advantage, more muscle, lower body fat, larger hearts, more oxygen-carrying red blood cells etc.* FACTS scientific.

    EDIT: I would like to add something that in 2004, Fifa, has ruled that a leading female Mexican footballer should not be allowed to play for a professional Men's club.Maribel Dominguez had signed for the Mexican second-division club Celaya which would have been a first for football in North and Central America.FIFA ruled it out.

    If women compete with men when a guy gives a sliding tackle, will a women be able to escape without getting hurt.Not Possible. Its just the way God made us.

    Sports = Men and Books = Women.

    (in most cases.)

    Source(s): In short a female version of Messi would play like a guy who plays football but not on a professional or even an amateur level. I am not a sexist , these are proven facts.
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    Not a chance, the physical differences alone are more than enough to ensure that.

    {Just to give an example; the men's 100M WR is 9.58s the women's almost a second more 10.49(and the woman responsible for that was accused of drug use), That may not sound like much but what it effectively means is take an average man an average woman turn them into highly trained athletes at the end of a 10-15M sprint (to run onto a through ball etc) the woman would be over 1M behind that's not even close enough to put any sort of pressure on let alone make a serious attempt to win the ball.}

    (and sprinting is a sport where very small differences exist, and one of the closest women are to with men)

    Even if physical differences didn't exist it would still be very rare that a woman would get to be as good as the top 20% of men (for 2 reasons)

    1. above all others it takes two things to get good at football,

    {1. natural talent

    2. Hard work and years of practise, to build on that}

    if there were the exact same amount of girls with exceptional talent as boys not nearly as many would be even interested in the sport, especially at 5-10 years old, and if someone isn't displaying skills by that age, forget it they will never be a top-quality player, GK and DEF not so bad but still its very hard.

    2. Don't know if you've noticed but the business of women's football is a joke, whereas the top men's clubs will be able to sell 80-90,000 tickets at 40, 50 60£'s each a top women's club can only hope to sell a few hundred at £5-10 men's teams can also hope to get 10's of £Ms for tv rights and sell £ag$ of merchandise. this means (yet again) 2 things :D

    Billions of kids every year want to emulate their heroes and be the next ronaldo or messi, giving them footballing role models and motivation, however with WF being so low profile few are going to look up to kelly smith or Marta and past them there is next to no one unlike the men's

    And then there's the $$$; Take 2 kids with serious talent, (about 14-16) the boy knows (already) that football will be a serious career option for him, he may make it as WC and earn £100,000 PW but even if that goes 7*ts up there will be (in each of the biggest footballing countries) hundreds of clubs that will be able to offer him more than he could earn by doing well in an academic field, the girl however will be in a position that even IF she becomes WC she will be lucky to earn as much she could in a regular job, meaning women just cannot be pros they have to look to other forms of employment and won't have anywhere near as much time to train. (whereas after any education a M/ fball star won't need to worry about anything other than football)

    The FACT is until women can stand a chance at earning enough to become pros they can't even be as good as they should be let alone the men, and there is no chance at that until more people start watching/ buying merchandise, and that won't happen because women's football is so sh*7 lol

    All things combined quite frankly mean even the best women would struggle playing for non-league sides and stand precisely no chance at bigger sides, although i really can't stress how big a deal the physical differences alone are, at sunday league lv they (excluding strength) can be overcome with a bit of effort on the woman's part or laziness on the mans.... Not at professional

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    Yes I know who Marta is she's a fantastic baller. And I'm guessing your a bug brazil fAn? I am a hug USWNT fan!! I no almost everything about them and if you work hard I guarntee you'll make the team. But don't get cocky!! And btw I lost ALL respect for Marta in the last WWC when Brazil played the USWNT! I also think it will someday be as popular as the men I mean look how far it's gotten from the first WWC(the M&M cup) it wasn't even concidered a FIFA cup becuz it was women's. And now many years later the women's sell out stadiums.!! The USWNT is #1 in the world and sells out and the USMNT Dosnt always sell out and arnt as good as the women in the mens. So if you truly love the game go in and become pro and change tthe game so it is as popular as the men's.!

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    The best women that have played the game are Americans: Abby Wambach and Mia Hamm, and Brazilian: Marta, and perhaps even Canadian: Christine Sinclair.

    In my personal opinion, they are not physically "built" enough to be called better than a significant amount of professional male footballers. This is due to the biology. Male are statiscally better athletes. If you disagree, then I suggest you look at the Olympics and compare the top male sprinters and long-distance runners with the top female sprinters and long-distance runners. There is quite a difference. Because of that, female footballers are slower than male footballers ON AVERAGE (that is key)!

    As a result of them being slower, they are accustomed to slower pace of game. Much slower than male footballers. For example, I watched the Women's World Cup in Germany in 2011, the Men's World Cup in South Africa, and I couldn't help but see a significant difference in speed, physical play, and tactics. Men's football is designed around the main principle of build-up play, while Women's football is more "back-and-forth" football. Because of this, I doubt that even the best female footballers could make it in the top divisions in male football, because of the reason that they are worlds apart in mentality.

    There is also the physical advantage that men have, which I have already mentioned. Try to picture a woman playing up as a striker against Stoke City. You cannot tell me that she could ease her way through them. Hell, even the top teams in the world struggle against an aggresive side like Stoke.

    Then, take into account Barcelona and their league, which is based upon the principle of dynamic play, which means that players never keep the same speed. They can have short sprints at any time or just keep themselves at a leisurely jog. It's all about change ofmpace and direction. A woman footballer, being accustomed to a mainly static play, would find it hard to keep up.

    Then there is the idea of finishing. Male footballers are clinical from almost anywhere in the attacking third, while I find women mostly finish from inside the box, ON AVERAGE!!! Since defense is the predominant idea in male football as of right now, a woman couldn't find herself scoring often. She would have to compete in the air, and jostle for position, which I doubt would be easy.

    Right now, female football is nowhere near the same as male football.

    Perhaps, in time this could change. But for now, male football is easily dominiant.

    Make of this what you will...

  • It's possible... and in the next 100 - 1000 years, who knows may even happen

    Who knows how we will evolve... or what science will achieve?

    But, naturally, I really can't see this happening (and definitely not for a long time) for now, and not just in football, but also in any other sport; tennis, athletics, boxing, badminton, volleyball, basketball, golf, rugby , cricket, etc and even in non/LESS PHYSICAL sports such as 'snooker' or 'darts' - women just cannot live with men at the moment.

    ...basically, in physical sports, although women MAY compete on the same field one day, I doubt that they will ever be better than the best male is at any particular sport.

    It really is simply a physical thing ...

    Although individual women are better than some men at individual and team sports.... they just won't be able to beat the top guys in ANY sport ... and if they can....why haven't they..?

    but, nevermind, guys are getting evermore metrosexual and effeminate these days... so you never know.

    Source(s): anyway... i think you already got what you wanted from
  • 7 years ago

    On physical level, no.

    Sure there could be a woman out there who is better than a man in football, but I don't mean that at a professional level.

    Look at what men deal with in football, a highly physical game coming usually played at a faster pace. They prove themselves at a higher level while woman are less consistent in this sense.

    There probably is a "female Messi" but more so in the sense that she would be the best female footballer on the planet. A female won't be considered the sole best footballer on the planet ever purely due to physical limitation. This isn't sexism, just how we're made.

  • 7 years ago

    Only In FIFA 13 if they have women's team in them.... lol

    Madie, the strength of a man is far superior... If women's team plays against a good team for example Man United, half of the women's team will get injured before even half time...

    And also there would be so many pervert footballers out there trying to taking advantage of this situation.. lol...

    Got the point?? :D

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    7 years ago

    Of coarse it is possible.... unfortunately sports are not in tune with the rest of the world when it comes to equal rights between men and women. They still have this "they are inferior" complex, were males and females should never compete against one an other.

    It is a pretty backwards opinion if you ask me..... people talk about the physical aspects, however in Spain, Portugal, German, French and most South American leagues, the "physical" aspects of the game are nowhere near a constant as in British league's... especially the Premier League were the old fashion method of physical strength is still very much alive. They still prefer their strikers to be 6 foot 4 and very strong and great in the air.

    While in Spain you see their best players being Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and the likes in La Liga were physical strength is nowhere near being one of their attributes, were basic football skills is what gives them such success.

    It would be easier for woman in Spanish football to be compared to Spanish male players in terms of ability because there is very little physical play in the Spanish game, maybe the odd 50-50 challenge but that is it. If football was to become mixed in the La Liga then it would be easier to integrate female footballers and see how they'd do...... and in my opinion better than what people expect because I do believe there are female footballers who could hold their own against male football players ability wise.

    However mixed football is a long way, because it'd only work in La Liga and South American countries..... combined with the stupid view that women are miles inferior to men at sports.... maybe at a physical level... yes, but in a lot of modern football the physical aspect is not one of the most important aspects..... the best players in the world is not much taller than your average woman.

    It may be rare to see someone like Messi who is petite and brilliant, who can hold is own against giant players.... however his low centre of gravity helps him compete because he cannot be knocked down easy.

    In terms of skill there will be a few woman footballs who could compete against the best of male footballers.... and I firmly believe that.

  • 7 years ago

    Lol, no I don't think so. not being sexist here, but most girls can't kick a ball straight, and it may not be like they're weak or anything. It's just that from their birth they are taught to be weaker (girls are given dolls, boys are given cars; girls are allowed to cry, boys aren't; girls are made to look at their beauty, boys aren't).

    Hope I don't get a ton of dislikes for this one ;)

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