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Instead of an absolute cure for autism, why don't they focus on making them HFA or Asperger's children?

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    Funny growing up in my day nobody knew what "Assburgers" or "ouwtism" even was! Why?


    Todays youth are no more mentally impaired than in my genetation. People need to stop making up diseases in order to fill doctors wallets. Its funny to me how drugs and quack therapy sessions have now replaced a few laps around the house and some good ol' fashioned tough love!!!

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    Well if you mean by HFA (High-functioning autism), I think they already do something like that, its called the magnet program, most kids in there seem relative normal. but i have seen some kids where there trying but progress is slow and there isn't a lot of money

    Source(s): i have "High-functioning autism" and i have been around losts of others
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