Need for speed most wanted ps2..? ?

How Sony unlock all the cars does anyone have a cheat for that .?? Help 10 points

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Need for speed most wanted is awesome, easily the best Need For Speed ever. Better than Carbon(complete crap), and Undercover(also crap) is a clone of Most Wanted. If you want pro racing, play Gran Turismo. If you want cops and illegal street, this is the game for you. I had NFS:MW Black Edition on PS2 when it came out. The story line is awesome, and the graphics are good even for a PS2 game. The A.I. is easy at first then it's top notch the more you progress in the game. The game is hard to beat and is always interesting. I wish EA would port this to the PS3, or at least re-visit it to see what a good Need For Speed game is. NFS hasn't been the same since Most Wanted.

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