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We have decided to start TTC any advice?

So hey girls, Now I am young I am 18 years old as is my fiance of 3 years, In 3 months once we have finished travelling and are back home working we are going to stop preventing, I am so happy that I can finally try after months of baby fever! I have been talking to my mum and she has been so understanding an made me realise how if I do end up having a baby soon I can always do at home study and by the time baby is at school I will be able to get a good job, My man is a very hard worker! from the day I met him at 15 yes he has worked worked worked! currently at 55 hours a week, We have alot saved $35,000 AUD all up and that will be a deposit on a house furniture good car etc, I also am interested in doing some home childcare work.

So basically I am within my recommended BMI.

I have a cycle of about 30 days ( has varied from 28 - 33 days ) but I stop the pill in march and is still getting normal again.

Me and him both come from very fertile families if that makes a difference!?

Also we may get married before having the baby if it takes afew months to conceive, or if we fall pregnant fast we will wait until after baby is born - I see it as a good reason to get back in shape!

Anyway I could go on forever...

But any advice on what I can do?

On what he can do?

Foods to eat?

What are the best vitamins to take?


Also if you have children already how long did it take to conceive them and what age were you if you dont mind answering =D Thanks ladies!

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    Just keep track of your periods, then go on one of those websites that tells you when you're likely to ovulate, and be sure to make love during those times. The length of time in between each period is different for every woman so you won't necessarily be fertile exactly 2 weeks after your period. Aside from making love during your fertile time you can also start taking prenatal vitamins to get your reproductive system ready. Also if you drink or smoke at all, time to quit doing that. I have one son and am pregnant with our second. We didn't actually plan for either, they just happened. :) Good luck to you!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Just make sure you have fun trying .... stress about TTC is the biggest, ugliest monster .... just have a great time! Also, ensure that you're getting a Folic Acid supplement of 400mcg daily, starting now. You will find this in a normal multi-vitamin, and then once conception is confirmed, you should raise the levels to 800mcg which can be done with a prenatal, or by just taking a plain ole Folic Acid tablet in the evenings and your regular Multi in the mornings. Good luck with TTC and welcome to the most supportive TTC forum on the web. We're here if you ever need us ,.... but I'm sure you won't :)

  • 9 years ago

    Well, my first advice is to not think so hard and much about it, you will drive yourself crazy.

    I also recomend ovulation predictor tests. When you get a + DTD. I got pregnant the first month using them.

    My first child was conceived first month second 4th month (but was my first month using OPKs)

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