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My sister always hits me, what should I do?

My sister is 16 and I am 13. She always hits me very hard and I don't want to fight back because I think i will get in trouble. One time, i wouldn't turn the computer on so she started hitting me and i always cry and she calls me a big baby. she always calls me ****** and that's what makes me really upset because she knows that that is the worst word that i hate to hear.i just think that it is horrible to say. I don't want to tell my mom because she says that if i do will just be a big taddle tale.i also think that she is jelous of me because i always get better grades the her and we take some of the same classes. another time it was raining outside and she was walking outside with a big steak knife and it looked like she wanted to hurt me. I was running around my house for over an hour. now i am just scared of her and i make sure i do everything i say just so that she doesnt hit me. if i dont want to put on the show that she wants to watch then she will just tart calling me names or hitting me,. What should i do? And PLEASE do not give me answers that wont help with my situation.

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    How do you take the same classes when you are 13 and she is 16? She's in a higher grade which is harder so of course you are going to get some higher grades.. And you should ignore your sister and just go to your room when she is about to hit you, just act like she doesn't bother you and she'll leave you alone. And if not tell a counselor about it.

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    Maybe tell ur mom and tell ur mom to not tell her that u told. And they can trick her into going to a counseler.

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