Do you know the Palestine true history?

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  • Jay
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    9 years ago
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    Responding here to another poster, I'm not sure what "a made up country" means in English?

    All countries are on that basis made up. There are few indigenous Americans in the USA and none as far as I know has ever held a senior political office, similarly in Canada, Australia, NZ etc. Using that as the basis for nationhood is a very narrow way to define whether a nation has the right to be formed and achieve self-determination.

    What is at stake here is the definition of "State". There are numerous ways and criteria that are valid - religious/cultural identity, geography, history, desire to form a state, agreement from neighbours/international bodies etc. Ultimately it revolves around the issue of whether the people in that place can form a functioning state with a set of laws that everybody (or at least the majority) can agree on.

    It seems to me that if Israel can claim the right to statehood based around a common creed of judaism along with a related language, history and culture then so can the Palestinians. After all they have been resident in the area for several thousand years.

    Or is it one law for one set of people and another law for others?

  • Thomas
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    9 years ago

    In 1916 when the British Empire was about to loose WWI the British and German Zionists proposed to the British War Cabinet to draw the USA into the war. As reward they claimed Palestine as homeland for settlements. After the USA had entered the war, that British goal was published in the Balfour declaration. The British intend to give Palestine to the Zionists after WWI was repeated in the British mandate over Palestine given to them by the League of Nations which shortly before had been founded by the British Empire.

    When Hitler came tom power the Zionists supported German antisemitism, which had been based on the Balfour deal, and signed with Hitler the Haavara agreement, which enabled Jews to emigrate to Palestine taking with them all their assets. Further on the Zionists cooperated with the SS to bring as much Jews as possible to Palestine.

  • no
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    9 years ago

    A made up country that the Romans started to take power away from the Jews. Later it was re-introduced by the Brits who tried to continue the job started by the Romans. The Brits did everything they could to help the Moslems kill off the Jews including disarming the Jews the best they could and arming the Arabs with every modern weapons before they pulled out of the area.

    The people who are called "Palestinians" today are not the native people of the area, but actually West Bank Jordanians and Gaza Strip Egyptians.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Some of it, but then I am in UK.

    I suspect most in US do not.

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