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急急急 - 中譯英 thanks , urgently.


- 我已同我 china office China telcom 開完會, 佢亦有去試改 setting . 但最後仍然有相同問題 download speed 非常慢. 現象同之前一樣去 Goolge 快, 但去 office 365 非常慢.

我要你正視呢個問題, 如仍未改這對我非常失望, 亦影響我日常運作. 請盡快給我 feedback.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to complain about the poor performance and setting in telecommunication of your company. I am annoyed by the weird fact that the download speed is extremedly slow at some settings. I find that while it is much faster to log on to Google, it takes a very long time to log on to Office 365. I had a meeting with the technical staff of the China office China Telcom and they attempted to rectify the problem but failed. The same annoying problem still exits.

    I amd rather disappointed at the fact that the slow download speed has not been rectifief as it has seriously affected the running and efficiency of my daily routine work. I therefore hope that you can look into the problem seriously with a view to solving the problem soon. Your prompt reply or feedback is highly appreciated.

    Yours faithfully,


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  • Lovis
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    8 years ago

    I am writing this letter regarding the XXXXXXXX. (In the beginning of the letter, indicate immediately what is the problem that you are complaining about. From what you wrote here, can't really tell if you are complaining about a system, a machine or the internet carrier)

    I just had a meeting with the China Office China Telcom Department (is it a department or you had a teleconference with the China Office?). They did try to change the settings but the same problem still exists (仍然存在). The downloading speed is extremely slow. We can get to Google pretty fast, but not for Office 365.

    I am very disappointed with this situation. This greatly affect (嚴重影響) my daily operation (日常運作). I would appreciate if you could take care (處理) the problem at your earliest convenience (盡快). Thank you.

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