what should i do? what am i doing wrong ik its in the wrong thing?

so i just found out my 15 year old daughter is pregnant and that the father is the schools man whore. (yea ive heard things he has at least 6 babies) i mean where did i go wrong. i admit I'm not the strict cant to anything kind of mother. i let her do a lot of things i shouldn't. i understand that. but i was 16 too when i had her. and i understand how this feels. but i always found out she has gone to parties without my consent. a few were collage parties i don't like that. she has admitted she has tried drugs and other things and that she has a fake license i mean i hate myself for doing this i feel like its my fault for not doing adoption i really do she would i have been better off without me. she wouldn't have this problem. what should i do i cant control her she is just out of control i mean she doesn't stop at all. she acts like she is 20 and shes 15 ik she has had sex more then that one time with the dad she has a bf which is 16 and hes a bad influence too what should i do she thinks she could do this and i think she should so adoption and also how do i control her. yes i know it a lil late but yea.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It seems like you two really need to talk, face to face. Talk to her (calmly) about what you've written here, and let her talk to you. Don't make it a screaming match, a fight, an argument, a lecture. You both need to talk and listen to each other. If you have problems with this, there are many family counselling and therapy groups you can attend together.

    Finally, remember that you love each other. The worst thing you can do for her and your relationship is turn away from her and shut her out. Even if you're disappointed or angry with her, you will always love her. And even if she thinks you're stupid or mean, she will always love you. Right now, looking past everything she has put you through, your daughter needs you and your support. Be there for her - Don't give up.

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    7 years ago

    First of all you should be really strict about this, and be serious. She's 15 & pregnant? That's crazy. You should tell her how this can mess up her life. Tell her she won't be able to do the things teenagers do anymore because of the decison she has mace. She has to take care of her baby while her friends are out and having fun.

  • 7 years ago

    you shouldnt feel like all of this is your fault. my mother got pregnant at fourteen with my oldest brother (i have six siblings). all children have free will. my siblings are all adults and they are amazing wonderful people and are mature and dont rely on others. i'm fourteen going on fifteen and i'm trying my best to turn out just as well as they did. i'm truly sorry you and your daughter are going through tough times, i hope you both can stay strong.

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    7 years ago

    wow... you both need counseling.

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