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Spider Identification...totally freaked!!!?

So I (meaning I made my boyfriend do it) just killed two of the exact same kind of spider in our house within the last 30 minutes...and I am so freaked out I could be sick!!

Its body and legs were jet black, it had a really skinny body and had one long stripe down its back, either white or yellow (I wasn't sticking around to get a good look!!) And it was super fast!!! Both spiders could have fit on a penny, legs and all (and that's big enough!!!)

I'm really worried because my cat was playing with the second one. I don't want any of my animals accidentally ingesting one if they are poisonous!!! Can I go live in a plastic bubble now? I am SUPER methodical about cleaning and keeping the house bug free...two spiders in 30 minutes is the sign of the Apocalypse in this house!! I am totally sleeping in a HAZMAT suit tonight...

Oh and we live in the Chicago suburbs if that helps with identification...

Thank you...


Thanks for your response Jess Long, I don't think it was a jumping spider though...these spiders were not fluffy hairy like that. Very sleek and streamline looking, also bigger than a jumping spider. Jumping spiders are the only ones that don't make me scream bloody murder when I see them.

They were found kind of in the same area. The first one was in our bedroom (EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!) on the wall, and the second was on the floor right outside the bedroom in the hallway.

Boyfriend is doing a full perimeter sweep of the house with a vacuum and a can of Raid. I just hope my animals are smart enough to not eat them!!! ...seriously though I am moving to Antarctica...

Update 2:

I'm pretty sure they were Parsons spiders...I have been looking at spider pictures for the last half hour, now excuse me while I go throw up...

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    From your description, it sounds like a jumping spider, or another small, common spider. It's possible that they came from a nest, or that their appearance in the house in such a short time was a coincidence. Did you find them near the same area? That could mean they were heading toward something that appealed to both of them in the house; maybe a female calling them in? You should do a thorough search to make yourself feel safe.

    As for the cat, don't worry about it. Cats are intelligent creatures and while its innate in them to be curious, curiosity won't kill it. If your cat ingests a spider, it won't harm it whatsoever. First of all, your animal's immune system is a tad strong than yours, and second, I doubt it would harm a human upon ingestion.

    Hope I helped!

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    Your description is a bit vague but could fit a parson spider. These are actually quite harmless, and I might point out cats can eat any spiders. They are not poisonous, and animals often eat spiders.

    (including humans)

    You also sound like you have an extreme case of arachnophobia, and you really need to deal with this.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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    If its a jumping spider, they're nothing to worry about. They are curious spiders and their bites aren't medically significant. They are great to have outdoors. As for your cat eating a spider, I guess it would be fine. Venom is fine if its ingested, not injected.

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    it could be a orb spider but i don't know about the chicago suburbs i like in texas

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