what should i do ik its not the right thing but plz help?

ok so about 2 weeks ago my sister came in my room and told me she was pregnant i mean she told me not to tell my parents before she does but i mean its been a few weeks and she still hasn't told them should i? im 13 and shes 15 she told the dad already and he has made it really clear that he wants nothing to do with the baby she keeps saying stuff bout abortion and that maybe she wont tell our parents and just go and get an abortion and i don't want that i mean i know its her that will go through this not me but im just against it she would hate me if i told them so should i just try to talk to them or go to my parents i mean it is getting around her school and people now and soon my parents will find out anyways so i feel she should just tell them am i right?

i mean she has a bf and he said he would say it was his so my sister wouldn't get in trouble for technically having a one nite stand! my sister was going out with him when she did that. i mean our older brother knows to and he is volunteering to take her to get an abortion i mean how could they do that to that poor baby how do i get them to just listen to me and tell my parents and they could help make the decision

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    8 years ago
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    TELL YOUR PARENTS. None of you are old enough to be making these kinds of decisions. Your parents will be furious, but they love you all and can help.

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  • Sweetie, I know you're worried. Don't tell your parents, this will lead your poor sister into big trouble. And tell you're sister that she might get bullied at school for being pregnant/having a baby at 15, but if she really wants to have that baby, then she can xxx

    Source(s): its for the best <3
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