International Credit Card Debt?

I studied abroad in France. I had a French debit/visa card through BNP Paribas that I over drafted to €6000 euros. (Had way too much fun I'm 22, now I regret it.) I left the country without letting them know or paying anything back. This was a year ago. I haven't heard anything. Can I go back to France? Will they contact me for collections? Can I ever get a French bank account again? (since I want to go back to teach English)

I had no idea I even had a credit limit. I thought it was a debit card!

Maybe it would be best if I called the bank in France?

I feel like I might need to talk to a lawyer. I don't intend on paying this debt back. Maybe in 20 years. Thanks for your response!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. BNP Paribas must have reported the case to Credit Rating Agency/Credit Information Bureau. Resultantly, your credit rating must have been affected.

    2. If you go back to France, you are likely to have problems with your new bank, your new credit card company, and, may be, even your prospective employer, as they will call for credit report from the Credit Rating Agency/Credit Information Bureau.

    3. If the Card issuing bank or its collection agent come to know about your return, they will be after you. You may even face legal action.

    3. My advice will be to clear the dues on your credit/debit card, so that you do not have problems when you go back.

    4. Certainly, an advice with a lawyer will be of great help.


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    i'm not certain of each of the documents, even if it really is available to cultivate a overseas debt. you may favor to the contact a criminal specialist. My guess is that it should be a noticeably enormous volume in the experience that they are keen to pass to a distinct u . s . a . to assemble it.

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