Longboarding basics NH?

My brother moved to to Virginia and started long boarding down there and said he loves it. My cousins in mAine say that I should try it they love it too. I wanna no everything about longboarding. I live in Nh where there are a lot of hills(like most states I'm sure), would that be an issue? And what's the difference of each board? What's the best one? How do I start?

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  • 8 years ago
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    not possible to kno everything im big into it and still have alot to learn. best way to get started is hit up some local skate shops talk to the people that work there pick up some knowledge from them thats what i did. having hills is a great advantage learn to balance then build a DH board and start learning to work the hills. there is no best board it depends on what you want to do. if you want to build a nice board save your money and do it right. but if youre looking for something just to ride i can respect that. sector 9 in my opinion is the best option a quick, nice, clean well-built complete board. but my favorite brands are nelson, seismic, sector 9, original, abec 11, and gullwing.

    favorite bearings. seismic-tektons, bones-reds

    favorite wheels, sector 9-nineballs, seismic-speed vents, seismic-landslides, seismic-bootlegs, abec11-flashbacks

    favorite trucks, gullwing-sidewinders, gullwing-super pro3

    favorite hardware, sector 9 anything

    favorite decks, nelson-tempest, sector9-bamboo series, original-apex40 double concave(my all time favorite is the tempest but its pricey)

    favorite grip tape(yes you definitely need it) grizzly grip all the way nothing compares to grizzly grip. with the right shoe and new grizzly grip you could almost jump and have the board stick to your feet its sick tape

    But honestly go to some local skate shops and talk to people that work there figure out what you want and when you build a board dont cut corners do it right

    seriously email me if you have any more questions

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    8 years ago

    Last time I was up at the kittery trading post (shouldnt be too far from you) they had a decent selection of long boards. Talk to someone in that department and they can help you out. As far as the hills, common sense says start somewhere flat. Head down to north hampton along the wall. Nice views and it will keep you out of traffic while you learn. If you're not sure if you'll even like it, don't spend ridiculous money on the most expensive one. Go somewhere in the middle.

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