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TOMS Cordones shoe sizing?

I'm looking to buy the TOMS Cordones slip on shoes and I'm not too sure about the sizing considering this is my first pair of TOMS. I'm usually a size 8.5/9 in other shoes.

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    TOMs usually stretch out because they're made of fabric. So it's usually recommended you get one that is a full size lower than what you usually wear. BUT, to be safe than sorry, & save yourself the trouble of exchanging, find a store that sells Cordones & try on a pair. Make sure it feels snug. Not too tight, but just snug. Don't fet one that fits just right, because when it stretches, it'll be loose on you. Then, after you try one on, buy the one you want from online if the stores don't have the one you're looking for.

    Good luck(:

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    Toms Women Cordones

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    I would definitely try to try a pair of any Toms cordones first, I find their sizing to be all over the place, I have two pairs of classics - one just olive green, which fit me in a 9.5 and crochets, which fit me in 8.5.

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    toms are lame get golas

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