Ratings History of the 1970' "Soap" TV Series Aired on ABC?

This may seem as an odd question, but could anyone tell me where, if possible, I could find the ratings history of "Soap", a comedy TV series from the 1970' that aired on ABC from 1977 to 1981? I have all the 4 seasons, so there is no need to suggest where I could find the series itself. What I'm interested in, is finding the actual ratings of the show. I would like to see how the said (i.e. mentioned wherever I look) decline of the interest in the show looked like in numbers.

Looking for this information on ABC's official website is to no avail. I know that nowadays the biggest marketing reasearch company in the U.S.A is Nielsen, but it was formed years after the show started as well as ended and, as much as I've searched, I can't find what company did the market research for ABC in the 1970' and 1980'. It if, of course, possible that people from ABC conducted such research themselves, but I don't know whether it was the case or not either.

It's probably impossible, but I was also wondering if anyone knows where I could find Susan Harris' scripts of the future episodes which, eventually and sadly, weren't recorded due to the cancellation of the show? I read on Wikipedia that she already had ideas for the 5th season episodes, when the 4th was already running, and if so, she must've had some of these ideas written down already. Perhaps in the form of drafts or actual scripts, but she must've had something.

I would be grateful if anyone could tell me, or at least give me a hint, where I could find such old ratings,

Thank you all in advance

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