Anyone used Peachtree Accounting software?

Can I still setup and use sales tax using Peachtree Pro 2008? I have another concern about using payroll. Payroll service is no longer available with Peachtree Pro 2008. I do have an account with Intuit Online Payroll, so I can use them to handle all my payroll needs when I am doing the books for my clients. What am I to do when I have to set up and complete the payroll portion for a client using Peachtree Pro 2008 with unavailable payroll service? Although I can use Intuit Online Payroll to handle the payroll, I still need to use Peachtree Pro to setup and complete the entire set of books for the clients. I am in a situation where I cannot do one thing without the other meaning I need to use Peachtree Pro to setup and finish the books then I need to use Intuit Online Payroll to compete the payroll portion of the bookkeeping.

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    8 years ago
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    Peachtree has made several enhancements over the years, but has not kept pace with QB...I recommend importing your PT records into QB and call it a day.

    If you insist on using your current configuration, then run payroll in QB and make summary JEs in Peachtree, since you'll have the detail in QB, and I assume you're printing the W-2s and 941s from QB.

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  • 3 years ago

    this is possible you're actually not in batch mode. The positioned up button only seems to manually positioned up an merchandise while you're in batch mode. as quickly as you hit keep technically it would positioned up. interior the help area there is a few suggestions in this to verify which mode you're in.

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