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Are there any good CHAT sites these days?

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    I think chat sites were better in the late 90s lol

    Anyway, there are many sites you can use for chat, how good they are depend on how you use them and on what exactly you consider to be a good chat.

    Some of the most popular public chat rooms can be found on Yahoo chat. If you are at least 18 you might want to try them out. There are many stranger chat sites that you can use for one-on-one chat with random people , it's a different experience from what you get in a traditional chat room but maybe people love them. In that category you could try chatroulette or omegle.

    If you are looking for a more controlled chat experience, you could simply use facebook or even myspace, add people with profiles that you find interesting and then chat with them.

    Seriously, the possibilities are endless. And if you want to find even more free chat sites check this site out

  • Ndella
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    Chat Roulette

  • 9 years ago

    This site might be interesting for you, it's a startup, but it has a lot of regular users.

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    9 years ago

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