Is it possible to get a perm that waves the ends of your hair?

I have long, blond hair that is straight. Occasionally it flips here and there, but never anything major. It's very very fine but there is a LOT of it. I got tired of it being straight all the time and so I decided to curl it. I love the way it looks when I curl only the ends of my hair. I figured out how to do so with a curling iron and ever since then I've been curling it very often.

this is pretty much what I make it look like:

What I found though of course, was that my hair was getting really damaged by using heat on it so frequently. I think a perm would do less damage to my hair in the long run.

I know you can get a wavy perm, but I don't want to end up with a perm that makes my hair look like it's crimped like this:

So I was wondering if it's possible to get a perm that only gives your ends a bit of a curl like the first picture I put up?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Perms are the worst hair invention ever. It literally fries your hair in order to to make each strand "curl" but it is not the same thing as a "curl". What your curling iron does to give you the look you like is to use heat, and what most people don't know, the cooling process in order to bend your hair. yes it's not great for your hair, but if you get a perm, that nice long hair you have will have to be cut because once you perm there is no repairing that... YOU WILL HAVE TO CUT IT OFF AND GROW IT OUT AGAIN. So please please please listen to me, I know it takes time every day to curl it the way you like but you will never get that look with a perm. Plus, can I stress this enough, you'll have to cut off that long blonde hair. Oh and I forgot to mention, it might permanently change the texture of your hair and could possibly always break before it gets to a length you want. Get the point? Worst hair invention ever. If you're looking for a easier style try velcro rollers. You use it on dry hair, and the bigger the roll the bigger the curl ( which will give you that curl at the bottom you like so much). All you have to do it loosely put them in, blow them with warm-hot air from the blow dryer. Wait for them to cool down ( 15 minutes usually and you can use that time to use you're makeup!) and pull them out. Great look- less fuss! Better option that a perm :) I'll leave some youtube videos explaining the velcro curlers and some other options that don't involve killing your hair.

    Source(s): -velcro - velcro - a sock! - boho headband youtube " how to curl your hair with no heat" into youtube and you'll find even more like this! Go Go Go girl! :)
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