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How much spending money for a week in Tenerife?

Hey my boyfriend and I are going to Los Christeanos (sorry about the spelling) tomorrow for a week. We have half board but will eat out in different places in the evenings as we both like to try out different foods etc.

I am just curious as to how much money to bring for the week so we can do a few things ie excursions and water park all that stuff :)

We are 23 and 28 if that makes a difference oh and yes there will be the odd night out ;)


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    Since it is two of you, I would figure 75 - 100 euros a day. That would give you money for some activities too.

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    When traveling you can always expect to spend a lot of money or fun stuff. In dollars you should spend at least $1,000.000 dollars and exchange it to euros when you get there.

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