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what do you do going through US preclearance at shannon airport?

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    The procedures are exactly the same as if you go through U.S. immigration and customs on arrival in the United States on other international flights. At Dublin and Shannon airport you accomplish these procedures prior to getting onboard the plane and you will arrive at the domestic part of the U.S. airport of destination and can immediately proceed to baggage claim like on a domestic flight.. ..

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  • 8 years ago

    You basically go through US immigration and Customs before boarding your flight to the US. This way you don't have spend time going through customs and immigration once you reach the US. Please note that occasionally the US Customs and Border Protection may still inspect some flights at their discretion upon arrival in the US.

    The preclearance facility at Shannon is only available on flights departing before 4pm. Flights departing after 4pm will be subject to full inspection in the US.

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  • 3 years ago

    I even have been to Aruba many time and specific, it quite is real. once you examine wherein includes your airline in Aruba on your return to Newark, they supply you your customs variety to supply to the U. S. customs agent. After examine in you proceed to the Aruban customs the place they take a travellers variety they supply you on your flight to Aruba and that they examine your passport and boarding bypass. then you definately circulate during the 1st of two secure practices exams. After the 1st secure practices examine there is the buying area like interior the U. S. you are able to %. up final minute issues. After which you stroll by way of a door that announces " you're actually entering the U. S.". You %. up your checked luggage, circulate to the U. S. customs agent, hand on your variety the airline gave you. then you definately drop your checked luggage on the conveyor on your airline. After dropping that off you circulate during the 2d secure practices examine and then proceed on your gate. Have an astonishing time in my abode faraway from abode!

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