Why have Buddhist countries been plagued by some of the bloodiest conflicts of the last 50 years?

E.g. Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Laos.

Buddhist religion is popular in the West because of its peaceful teachings, and yet the cultures which have practised Buddhism for centuries have slipped suddenly and easily into brutality and blood-letting.

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  • Josh
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    8 years ago
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    But how many of these countries were Buddhists responsible for causing war?

    Sri Lanka - political problems between Hindus and Buddhists

    Cambodia - secret police

    Burma - army and corruption

    Vietnam - America's self-interest to remain strong by preventing Communism.


    Generally the conflicts haven't been caused by Buddhists. Even so, the % of Buddhists at war is far lower than the % of any other religion. Just take the US army: 99.5% of the soldiers are Christian even though only 90% of the total population are.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Acts of killing can be driven by greed, hatred, or delusion.

    Of the three, killing motivated by hatred is the most serious, and the weight increases to the degree that the killing is premeditated.

    The effort involved also contributes, the unwholesome kamma being proportional to the force and the strength of the defilements.

  • 8 years ago

    Buddhism hold devil as ruler on material plane

    And since Buddhism is in opposition to the evil

    It always manifests itself where ever the Buddhism is.

    Since the aim of Buddhism is to leave the material plane,

    the devil tries its best to stop them from leaving

  • Raatz
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    8 years ago

    Half of it crazy totalitarian communists, half of it being invaded by Americans. I'm not a fan of Buddhists btw, and I think China invading Tibet made it better off humans rights wise.

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