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阿興 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

952和932 國三生英文問題



41.Man:Is Tom feeling any better today?Woman:“Oh, yes. ____. " 

(A) He is out of town

(B) He’s feeling much better now

(C) He live not far from here

(D) He is a dentist.

42. Man:“Jack called you last night"Woman:“____. " 

(A) Oh, what did he say?

(B) How are you?

(C) Yes, I am fine

(D) She is a nurse

43.Marry:“Hello, what’s the matter with you?"

"""'Tom:“Well, ____. "

"'''''Marry:“That’s too bad. Perhaps you should take some medicine."

(A) I had an exam last night

(B) I’ve got the flu

(C) I am studying now

(D) I had good time

44. Man:“Tell me something about Taiwan."

''''''''Woman:“It’s a small country."

''''''''Man:“Does it have many historic sites?"

''''''''Woman:“ ____. "

(A) Some of them are here

(B) I like it

(C) Well, a good many

(D) Oh, not much

45. A:“Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit down?"B:“No, I don’t mind. ____. " 

(A) I am kidding

(B) It’s up to you

(C) I like it rare

(D) Please have a seat.

In the United States, more people visit the doctor for colds than for any other problem.

Colds are minor infections of the nose and throat (1.__) by several different viruses. A cold may last for about one week, but some colds last longer. This is especially true for children and the elderly. Colds are highly (2.__). That means you can catch them easily. They most often spread when someone sneezes and the virus travels in the air.

A few days after a cold virus enters the body, (3.__) start developing. You have a (4.__) nose, sneeze, or have a scratchy throat. To fight a cold, you must drink plenty of liquids such as water. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest, (5.__)

you will be better in no time.

( )1.(A) observed (B) acquired (C) done (D) caused

( )2.(A) beneficial (B) smooth (C) contagious (D) comparative

( )3.(A) illness (B) symptoms (C) sickness (D) disease

( )4.(A) runs (B) run (C) runny (D) running….請幫我解說

( )5.(A) or (B) so (C) and (D) but….請幫我解說

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    41(B) He’s feeling much better now

    42(A) Oh, what did he say?

    43.(B) I’ve got the flu

    44. (C) Well, a good many

    45.(D) Please have a seat.

    1.(A) observed (B) acquired (C) done (D) caused

    2.(A) beneficial (B) smooth (C) contagious (D) comparative

    3.(A) illness (B) symptoms (C) sickness (D) disease

    4.(A) runs (B) run (C) runny (D) running 固定用法running nose流鼻水

    5.(A) or (B) so (C) and (D) but 然後很快就會康復

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