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Is this an example of what Obama calls a Safe Southern Border for American Children?

Enchilada Smackdown: Mexico vs. United States and Obama weakness

Laredo, a border city in northern Mexico, a Woman was beheaded for using social media to report on criminals, prosecutors said.

Maria Elizabeth Macias's decapitated body was found over the weekend, the Tamaulipas state Attorney General's Office said.

The 39-year-old journalist's body was found by police on Saturday in Nuevo Laredo, which lies across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas, the AG's office said.

Macias's dismembered body was dumped at the Christopher Columbus Monument on a busy avenue in the border city.

The journalist's legs and trunk were tossed in the grass, while her head was placed on a planter with a computer, mouse, cables, headphones and speakers.

Macias, who signed her postings as "La nena de Laredo" (The Chick from Lareodo), used social-networking sites to report on a criminal organization, the AG's office said.

Two young people were murdered on Sept. 13 and their bodies were left hanging off a pedestrian bridge in Nuevo Laredo for using social-networking Web sites to report criminals.

The bodies of the young man and young woman showed signs of torture, and motorists were the ones who spotted the bodies and called police.

Messages warning others not to use social-networking Web sites to report drug traffickers were left on each of the bodies.

One of the messages was signed "Z," a reference to Los Zetas, which operates along the border with the United States and is considered Mexico's most violent drug cartel.

Mexico has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists in the past few years, and the most dangerous country for members of the media in Latin America, non-governmental organizations say.

Hundreds of journalists and media industry workers took to the streets of Mexico City on Sept. 11 to demand that officials clear up the recent killings of two female reporters and punish those responsible for attacks on journalists.

Journalists have increasingly been targeted in recent years by drug traffickers and other organized crime groups, especially in northern Mexico.

Media members must also contend with long-running abuse at the hands of federal, state and local officials.

Since 2000, more than 70 journalists have been murdered and 13 others have gone missing in Mexico, the National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, Mexico's equivalent of an ombudsman's office, said.

Authorities have not solved any of the cases of the journalists listed as missing since 2005 in Mexico, the Inter American Press Association, or IAPA, said in a report released last November.


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    Obama is very adept at saying things that are totally devoid of truth because he cares only about himself and maintaining power.

    Obama does not care about how many drugs are brought into the U.S. and destroying our children and our Country.

    Obama does not care how many Mexicans or Americans are killed, tortured, raped, bodies dismembered.

    Obama does not care about the grieving families. Obama does not care that the streets and homes of decent residents are not safe.

    Obama thought it was a joke when he drugged while in college.

    Obama is a disaster for the U.S., Mexico and the entire world. He is filled with hatred and resentment and he wants to infect people with these defects to divide and conquer.

    Obama needs serious mental counseling to find himself and find out why he holds and wants to spread this hatred and resentment.

    Obama never outgrew his sense of inferiority and as the poison of hate and resentment is contagious and it is spreading like a overflown cesspool.

    Sadly, the people he is infecting with these mentally negative qualities just cannot see it.

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    The Mexican government would argue that the drug culture and related terror arise from the prohibition of drugs and the subsequent demand for illegal product. They would point out that the market in the US causes the violence in their country and that the violence is increased by American policies, such as "Fast and Furious".

    They have some truth on their side.

    If you think Mitt Romney can stop the drug traffic or even slow illegal immigration while cutting the taxes that would pay for such an expensive policy you need a reality check.

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    I approved amnesty for nearly 1 million people that entered the US illegally by administrative action. I know this really upset some of you conservatives but you have to admit it was a smart move on my part just before the election. I know it was kind of sneaky, maybe even devious doing something that is likely unconstitutional that conservatives can't attack without alienating the Hispanic vote prior to an election. But, it just proves I can out fox you anytime I want. By the way, I am going to give everyone amnesty right after I am re-elected.

    Bienvenidos Amigos, BO

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    The Reagan quote that somebody speaks of is: "that is not that our liberal pals are ignorant. that is merely that they comprehend plenty that's not so." -R. Reagan It replace into not meant as an insult. He did not have faith any American would embody Socialism in the event that they actually understood what it potential. This replace into meant to describe why Liberals have been embracing Socialism; they believed distinctive what they have been taught and what they have been taught replace into merely incorrect. What Obama did replace into make the errors of asserting what he fairly meant. That now infamous quote of Obama's replace into made to an extremely like-minded, Liberal objective audience of supporters in San Francisco and rancid the cuff. He replace into pertaining to small city Pennsylvanians whilst he mentioned it. it is the quite quote: "And that is not outstanding then that they get bitter, they draw close to to weapons or faith or antipathy in direction of people who are not like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-commerce sentiment as the thank you to describe their frustrations." *

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    Interesting article. Obama and his cronie, Janet Napolitano stated that the borders are "safer than ever". I guess they forgot to tell Maria Elizabeth Macias, huh?

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    I live in Arizona. We need Romney as pres. He is commited to a secure border.

  • Anonymous
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    Mitt Romney !!!!! :)

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