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Fellow Americans: Those who celebrated the Fourth (I did not) what exactly were you celebrating?

Our ever increasing slide to third world status?

The horrible economy?

A gridlocked, inefficient government that only seeks to perpetuate itself?

Billions being blown on useless military action in the Middle East while our education system crumbles?

Our skyrocketing crime rate?

Declining literacy?

Which ones?

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    We celebrated the home made hamburger and BBQ and the Beautiful apricot pie I made for my family.

    We celebrated the fact that we could come together as a family and no religion or government was going to tell us that it is wrong.

    My boys celebrated with their freedom to take a couple of bong rips and I celebrated that they are old enough to decide to do that and I no longer have to ground them for doing so!

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    I celebrated the following:

    1. I live in a country that still has the freedom for people to whine and complain and try to do something about whatever status or miserable problems we have going on in our communities and our lives.

    2. My husband was able to take a day off of work to spend the day with me. My sweetheart and I went on a movie and a meal date and then cruised around tonight like teenagers ..all in the middle of the week.

    3. That I have family and friends who love me and whom I love.

    Life is worth celebrating.

    I hope the asker feels better now that he's vented.

    Shalom y'all

    and I hope that all my fellow Americans had a safe and pleasant July 4th

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    You are free to ask ranting questions like the one you asked.

    I think your question was rather "ranty" and whiny,

    but I'm glad you felt free to ask it.

    No government agents will knock on your door to demand a retraction.

    That is well worth celebrating.

    I also think it is worth celebrating the freedom you have to run for office.

    If you hate the crap the bastards are pulling, then replace them with yourself.

    There still is time to run for Congress this Fall.

    Go ahead, run for office.

    If you don't want to run for office,

    you should at least be grateful that you are free to do so.

    You also should be grateful that you are free to do nothing but complain.

    The choice is yours.

    That is worth celebrating.

    I can respond to your question with a mildly sarcastic or snarky response.

    I don't have to worry about who you really may be.

    I don't have to congratulate you on your insight,

    nor do I have to withhold wisecracks about your whining.

    That we may engage in this bit of discourse is a great thing,

    even if neither you nor I are doing it greatly.

    Our freedom to blather on, or to maybe try to be great,

    and to do so publicly and boldly, are freedoms well worth celebrating.

    Surely you must recognize a few good reasons to light a sparkler or two.

    I think a barrage of Roman Candles would not be out-of-order.

    I think a nice town-park fireworks display is more than called for.

    I am Roman Catholic.

    Peace be with you.

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    almost all of my family has been working a hell of a lot of overtime(my self was working 70hr a week for 8months in row) or have part time jobs on top of a full time jobs to make ends meet (and that's with a college education) so we where celebrating the rare time off to hang with the family.

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    I had a few family members come over for a barbeque and pool party in my backyard. We were celebrating America's 236th birthday and just being able to live in a country where women aren't beheaded for not agreeing with an arranged marriage and men don't have to work 18-hour work days to pay the bills to a rat-infested house.

    -- Rosie ♥

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    I rode my motorcycle to the Veterans cemetery where my friend was interned and sat, drank a soda, looked out across Where granite soldiers stand guard over those in eternal rest. and reflected on what the cost of liberty and freedom really means.

    And I did not give one goddamn thought to what disrespecting aszholes like you think.

  • I was celebrating our independance as a single nation from Britian. I was celebrating our rights that we take for granted every day, and I was also paying tribute to those that died to give us those rights. Sure, America isn't perfect, but you need to look more into what we have that other countries don't; such as your right to publish your thoughts and criticisms of our nation.

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    8 years ago

    The majority celebrated it by getting drunk and blowing stuff up. Just how lofty do you expect the basis to be on what they were celebrating?

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    8 years ago

    You dumbass. Do you even know what the significance of the 4th of July is? It's the day we got our independence from Great Britain. It has nothing to do with any of the things you listed.

  • 8 years ago

    All of the above, plus the pot I get legally.

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