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Honestly, do you ever laugh at some of the really stupid names these mothers think of in this section?

Like Jimothy, Bobert, Nevaeh, WTF?

No offense to the parents who choose these names, it just makes me giggle

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    I use to think they were all super funny but, the longer I've been on here, the more disgusted, horrified and, honestly, irritated I've become. I mean, you would feel the same too if you actually kept a list. I've created a list this month and the amount of hideous, embarrassing, shameful names being used (not by trolls) is just... astonishing! Bear in mind, they're all for girls! Take a look:

    (-:Tabbykinz:-) - Finnley Hayden, Shiloh Avery Blair, Bowie Felice

    Tabitha Florence - Octavia Sybella Patience

    Eliza Ruthie ♥ - Cross August, Océane Ruthie, Benedita Aurore

    Ashlie♥ - Daelyn Marie

    Braaaahhhhp - Paxton Reighlee

    Makenna - Paige Jordyan, Parker Kayla, Kendall K (just the K)

    tay - Grayson Kathleen, Piper Dominic, Parker Azalea, Hayden Anastasia, Landen Juliet, Rylan McKenna, Mara Cassidee, Declan Athena

    LoveMySon - Kaizlen Marie & Blaire Emery

    The names Amanda :] -Dinette Tyfani, Dallas Love, Labrya Madysen, Krystyna Trinity, Beautiful Alaska, Labrya Chevette, Nevaeh Sunshine

    Aubree - Melodi Dusk, Marlee Bree, Ambyr Sue, Bloom September

    cнєlsєα sмίlє - Guinevere Lotus, Lotus Emery Lotus Oleander, Emery Elijah

    Expecting Triplets! - Kensington Alaina

    Lady lovely locks - Vagena and Vadgesty (She actually gave her twins those names!)

    Bonnie - Zulay (zoo-lie) Ailene, Lumiere Éclair

    Kell - Deliverance "Liv" Virginia

    Me – Andromeda Elizabeth, Riverlee

    Willow - Luna Prism, Ember Iris, Aurora Patience, Araiya Sunrise

    Lourdes - peace summer

    Mega - Dandelion Rumi Elaine, Bonnibell Rumi Elaine, Snowdrop Andromeda Irene, Coralena Snowdrop Alluilda, Dandelion Wilda Faye

    Lizzeh - Venus Sky, Lyrical Patience

    Lyss – Ryden Hope

    Kelly – Ocean Blue

    Sarah – Lily Pansy

    Caecillia - Lyric Andromeda Renesmee

    D – Myllynnyum Kathleen

    Ava - Valhalla Sienna

    Noonlightangel – Merlyn Rose

    Brittani - Treighlynn and Bryler

    danielle - Ezra Meadow Rae

    e-m - Jubilynn Mariah, Miracle-Rose, Primlynn Joan

    Red – Seven Sierra, Brooke Fawn

    Andrea - Maddeleine Love Kyoko, September Violet Sakura

    Romeo save me formally CMG – Aslan/Azlynn

    Sometimes, they almost make me cry. I mean - Aslan? Bonnibelle? Snowdrop? Dallas Love? COME ON! - DOES NO ONE HAVE ANY SENSE?! DX

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    I used to laugh, now I either get really annoyed, wonder if the person is a troll, or feel bad for the child in question. Usually a strange mixture of the three.

    MissB: I'm pretty certain that celebrity babies are named the same way purebred horses are: they're given really long, often strange names as their "registered name" and then they have a "barn name" that they use at home, which is often a lot simpler/more on the normal side. The registered names are so that the media and spectators can accurately pinpoint the child in question, where as the barn names are for every day use by those who truly know the person. At least, that's the logic I've applied to the situation to make it seem better.

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    Yes. Some of ones that show up here all the time like Poppy. I know its a pretty flower, but anything containing the word 'pop' Also Piper, Archer or Greer. Those kind of names are on here all the time and I think they're pretty funny. I have no idea what people are thinking.

    Some of them are obviously super ugly like Bobert, but honestly I don't see that all the time. Maybe I just pass it over too much.

    Edit: BTW, south park is awesome! :)

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    Wow Jimothy? Bobert? What's wrong with Timothy and Robert

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    Oh wow, that's not even bad compared to what celebrities name their kids!! It's horrible!


    Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani

    Little Pixie


    Rainbow Joan of Arc

    Sage Moon Blood

    Diva Muffin

    Truly, these are definetly some STUPID names I feel sorry for their kids! LOL :D


    We can only hope Ellie B!! lol

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    I swear I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad for the kid.

    A few of the absolute worst I've seen here:




    And... I kid you not... Nezbit

  • I don't laugh I just seriously feel for those children.

  • 8 years ago

    Haha yes. "Cotton"

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