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How to make a homemade bumper sticker?

I don't have like bumper sticker paper or anything but I have like a lot of duct tape, I have packaging tape, I have paper, sharpys, and stuff so I was wondering if I could make a bumper sticker out of something (my dads birthday is tomorrow .

And another question is 'does cvs sell bumper sticker paper ? (ooh one more question please answer them all) if you have bumper sticker paper already how do you make it work? Can you create your own, like draw it on ? Or do you have to print it...please explain!! Lol

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    Never heard of "bumper sticker paper." there is adhesive-backed sticker paper, but it's generally not waterproof. Some sites online can print custom ones for you. If you wanted to do it all yourself, I would recommend printing your message on a normal piece of paper, laminating it (like $.50 - $1.00 at kinkos) Be sure not to cut through the paper, it should be sealed all the way around with a margin of just lamination.

    Then you just have to figure out how to stick it to your car, If you want it to be permanent, use some superglue. Generally any kind of tape will fall off pretty quickly due to sun, water and temperature changes.

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  • 8 years ago

    You should try Office Depot. They have sheets for an ink jet printer. Staples has sheets online that you can draw on.

    I didn't see anything for CVS but you could certainly give them a call and ask.

    good luck!

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