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10th Grade School Supply List?

My school is starting soon and I can't seem to find a supply list anywhere!

Class schedule:

AP World History

Pre AP English 2


Physical Science


ACT Prep 1

Art 1


Please help! School starts in 3 weeks!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    What is your schedule? so perhaps I'll give you a basic one

    Classroom Supplies

    The Classic Pencil(s) #2

    Hand Held Pencil Sharpener

    A large pink eraser

    Pen (red)

    Pens (blue/black)


    12" Ruler

    Pocket Folders

    Single-subject Spiral Notebooks

    POST-IT notes

    POST-IT flags

    Loose leaf paper (wide ruled or 3-hole punched if preferred)

    Tabbed Dividers

    Book Covers/Book Sox

    3-Ring Binder

    Colored Pencils


    Paper Clips

    Index Cards

    Graph paper

    Glue Stick

    Safety Scissors

    School Supply Box


    Portable 3-hole punch

    Small Stapler

    Printer paper

    Clothing and Accessories




    Calculator watch

    School Uniform

    Gym shorts

    Breathable athletic shirt

    Hair brush or hair comb

    Rain Coat


    Tights and Leg Warmers

    Flat Shoes


    Winter hat (Bucket Hat)

    Jeans (Juicy Couture and Gap are hot brands this season)

    Fall Jacket – denim or fleece

    Dress – Trendy dresses




    Designer Tops

    Travel and Playground

    Gym bag

    Lunch box/bags

    Backpack/Messenger – A bag that is suitable for your child

    Gym/running Shoes

    Reusable bag

    Hygiene product – Deodorant perfume

    Lip Balm – Chap Stick

    Bandages – Band aids



    Thesaurus atlas Encyclopedia almanac


    Weekly planner


    Time management book

    Various books for $.99

    Magazine subscription – Teen or favorite topic/hobby

    Translation books – Spanish to English (Substitute your Childs language)


    Flashcards or other learning aids


    USB Flash Drives (minimum size: 256MB)

    Calculator – Review math course requirements before purchasing


    MP3 Player – Many inexpensive alternatives

    All in One Printer – Scan, copy and print

    Digital Voice Recorder – Simple and could be combined with many MP3 players

    Alarm Clock

    Digital Camera

    Portable or car charger for electronics

    Music – CD’s or iTunes Gift Card

    Everything Else

    Facial Tissue

    Surface wipes

    Closable baggies


    Nail clipper

    Lock – Combination or pad lock

    Trapper Keeper

    Locker stand

    Poster board

    New glasses – eye exam recommended

    Hand Lotion

    Clear tape


    Cough drops

    Reusable water bottle

    To go Snacks: Bars, Gum


    Girl Stuff

    Gym Locker

    - Gym Clothes

    - Deodorant

    - Body Spray

    - Hair Brush

    - Hair Ties

    - Wipes

    - Mirror

    - Body/Hand Lotion

    - Shampoo/Conditioner

    - Soap

    - Towel

    - Bottled Water

    - Extra Clothes

    - Face towel

    - Hair Elastic

    Just In Case Stuff


    - Lotion

    - Tampons/pads

    - Kleenex

    - Nail Cleaners

    - Deodorant

    - Tweezers

    - Make up (remover, Toner)

    - Safety pins

    - Small scissors

    - Make up (lip gloss, lip balm, pressed powder, concealer, eyebrow comb, mirror, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara)

    - Small hair brush

    - Hair ties, elastics, clips, headbands, hair spray


    - Tank top

    - Jersey

    - Shorts

    - Socks and extra pair

    - Athletic pants

    - Sweatpants/Sweatshirt

    - Deodorant

    - Hand towel

    - Perfume

    - Cell phone & iPod

    - Small pillow

    - Healthy Snacks/Water

    - Extra money

    - Make up

    - 1st aid items (tape, bandages, prewrap, Neosporin etc.)

    - Lotion

    - Hair products (dry wear)

    - Brush

    - Ponytail holders


    - Makeup

    - Mirror

    - Wipes

    - Hair things

    - Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash

    - Sewing kit

    - Nail polish, emery boards

    - Medications, pain relievers

    - Eye solution

    - Double Sided Tape

    - Stain Remover

    - Band Aids

    - Pads/Tampons

    - Bobby Pins

    - Gum/mints

    - Deodorant

    - Lotion

    - Extra Undergarments


    - Shelf Paper

    - Calendar

    - Mirrors

    - Magnets

    - Erasable Boards

    - Photos

    - Pencil Holder

    - Organizer

    - Quotes

    - Removable plastic hooks

    - Folder, Papers, Pencil, Bottled Water, Deodorant, Emergency Kit

    - Extra clothes

    - Running shoes

    - Little air fresheners

    - Stickers

    - Mini clock

    - Mini Trash Can

    - Small bags

    - Notepad

    - Sticky Notes

    Source(s): Hope I Helped
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  • 8 years ago

    You typically won't find a supply list for high school, so find an organizational system that works well for you. There are a few routes you can go.

    1 Binder Route:

    Buy yourself one large binder that you can put all your subjects in. You'll want some folders, either loose leaf paper or notebooks (one for each class if you choose notebooks) and some dividers. Divide your binder into sections for each class, add some loose leaf paper or notebooks to each section, and a folder. You may also want to get a 3 hole punch that will fit into your binder.


    1 large binder

    7 notebooks OR a pack of loose leaf paper

    7 folders

    1 3 hole punch

    Binder Dividers

    Multiple Binder Route:

    Buy small binder for each class, typically the 1/2 inch ones work the best. Again, loose leaf papers or notebooks, and folders, and a hole punch.

    Supplies: Same as above except instead of 1 big binder, get several little binders.

    Notebook and Folder Route:

    Notebooks and folders for each class. I recommend buying a 3 subject notebook for math classes.


    Notebooks for each class

    Folders for each class

    For me, the notebook and folder route always worked well for me. I tried doing binders and I just didn't like it. I would forget to put something back in my backpack and I felt like binders were always really bulky. Notebooks and folders worked way better for me. Now that I'm in college, I've found it's the best route just because of the smaller size of my school supplies and it's less to carry around. Find something that works well for you and stick with it.

    Other Supplies:







    Colored pencils, crayons, markers

    glue sticks (for projects)

    Basically stuff like that. Use your common sense and think about things you've had to have in the past. Good luck :)

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  • 8 years ago

    ****SCHOOL SUPPLIES*****


    - No. 2 pencils

    - Mechanical pencils

    - Colored pencils

    - Pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings)

    - A large pink eraser

    - Ballpoint pens (Get a few red ink ones too, because some teachers have students do peer editing.)

    - Highlighters

    - Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

    - Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper. Some ask that students use the college-ruled variety.)

    - A ruler with English and metric measurements


    - Several three-ring binders (Some teachers require that a binder be used exclusively for their class.)

    - A three-hole punch (a regular one or one that fits in a three-ring binder)

    - A pencil case that fits in a binder

    - Binder dividers (The kinds with pockets are good for loose papers.)

    - Pocket folders

    - Folders that fit in binders

    - Agenda/Planner

    - A calendar for scheduling assignments

    - A sturdy, supportive backpack (Some schools do not permit rolling backpacks because of space considerations, so check with your school before considering this option.)

    - Two combination locks (If the school lockers do not have built-in locks, you might need one for the hallway and one for the gym.)

    - Flash Drive to save any important documents


    - Index cards, ruled and unruled (These are great for making flash cards.)

    - Highlighters

    - A calculator (Check with the math teacher first before investing in an expensive one. Graphing calculators, for example, are required in many high school math classes. Teachers advise parents not to buy a calculator with more functions than students will use.)


    Folder - For all the syllabuses, rules, guidelines, & supply lists that your teacher passes out

    Pencil - Just in case your asked to do a small activity that involves writing

    Paper - Again for the small activity

    Locker items - If your locker was already given out to you then it's best to bring your lock & throughout the week you can bring your locker items.

    Binder - Just a 1"

    Backpack - To carry everything and sometimes teachers give out textbooks

    Money - For lunch of something

    --And any girl/boy accessories that you may need. (ipod, phones, makeup, brushes, etc.)

    Source(s): I'm going to be a sophomore too :)
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  • Judy
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    3 years ago


    Source(s): List of Online Suppliers
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  • 4 years ago

    For the first day take a pen and a notebook

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  • 8 years ago

    Ah i love school supplies and im so weird i already made a list. im gonna be a freshman. haha. and i color coded everything.

    The List I Made::

    o (4) 1” Binders

    o 7 folders (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black)

    o (4) 3 or 5 subject notebooks (1-blue, 1-red, 1-green, 1-yellow[COLLEGE RULED)

    o (1) 3 subject notebook (Purple- if they don’t have purple get black)

    o (4 packs) 8 tab dividers

    o (2) packs of Graph Paper

    o (1) Calculator(Texas Instruments)

    o (2) Composition Notebooks (1-green, 1-yellow[COLLEGE RULED])

    o (1) sketch pad

    o (1) planner

    o (1) pencil pouch

    o (2) packs of BiC Mechanical Pencils - those are the BEST!

    o (1) pack of lead refill thingies

    o (1) pack of black pens

    o (1) pack of blue pens

    o (1) pack of red pens

    o (1) pack of wood #2 Pencils [cheap kind]

    o (1) 8 pack of Sharpie Highlighters

    o (1) 3 pack of pink erasers

    o (1) 12 pack of colored pencils

    o (2) packs of index cards

    o (4) packs of notebook paper[COLLEGE RULED]

    o (1) 3-hole puncher- they have this portable one thats really small.

    o (1) mini stapeler

    o (1) pack of colored pens for notes

    o (1) protracter

    o (1) compass

    o (1) pair of scissors

    o (1) ruler

    o (1) pack of hole reinforcements

    How im gonna organize it:]

    • Math: Blue

    o 1” inch binder – decorate spine with blue duct tape

    o 1 blue folder – for homework

    o 1 blue 3 or 5 subject notebook – for notes

    o 8 tab dividers – you never know!

    o Graph paper – teacher may ask for it

    • Social Studies: Red

    o 1” binder – decorate spine with red duct tape

    o 1 red folder – for homework

    o 1 red 3 or 5 subject notebook – for notes

    o 8 tab dividers – you never know!

    • Science: Green

    o 1” inch binder – decorate spine with green duct tape

    o 1 green folder – for homework

    o 1 green 3 or 5 subject notebook – for notes

    o 8 tab dividers – you never know!

    o A green composition notebook – just in case. If they don’t have green, grab any color and decorate in green duct tape

    • English: Yellow

    o 1” inch binder – decorate spine with yellow duct tape

    o 1 yellow folder – for homework

    o 1 yellow 3 or 5 subject notebook – for notes

    o 8 tab dividers – you never know!

    o 1 yellow composition notebook – just in case. If they don’t have yellow, grab any color and decorate in yellow duct tape

    • Spanish: Purple

    o 1 purple folder - for homework and other stuff

    o 1 Purple 3 subject notebook - notes

    • Art: Orange

    o 1 orange folder

    o 1 sketch pad

    • Stuff to carry to every class:

    o 1 planner/ agenda

    o 1 pencil Pouch

    o 2 mechanical pencils

    o One led refill thingy

    o 2 black and blue pens

    o 6 wood pencils – sharpened – for those people that ask to borrow and for bubble sheets

    o The 8 pack highlighters

    o One pink eraser

    o Hole reinforcements

    • Other stuff to keep in Locker:

    o Colored pencils.

    o One pack of index cards

    o One thingy of notebook paper

    o a 3-hole punch

    o Mini stapler

    o Protracter

    o Compass

    o Scissors

    --Homework folders and notebooks you take home to do homework so you won’t have to take a HOLE BUNCH of binders home. just a few folders and notebooks:]

    the duct tape thing is just what im gonna do. hahah. and you can change the colors or whatever. thats just the list i made for myself.

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