how do you get rid of software that has corruption?

My computer won't let me restore my computer. It has restore point's on it but it keeps saying a the disk has corruption or errors on it and can not restore. Then it sais to schedule it for system check on the next start up. Then when I do that it sais the same thing.


Well thanks for the answers guys. I appreciate it, but before I seen the answers I got. I found a solution that worked. I had to go into safe mode on my computer when it first started up. Then I went to restore and picked my restore point and it worked. Still don't know what the problem was though which really aggravates me. Thanks for the help though.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This isn't about software corruption, its about Windows itself.

    Your Restore Points are either corrupt or your hard disk may be failing. How may different restore points have you tried to access?

    if the hard disk is having problems then that is why you are getting the message about a system scan being scheduled for the next start up.

    Windows wants to scan the drive for errors.

    So when you restart and the system scan completes, what are the results? Does it do the scan and find errors and fixes them? Does it find any errors at all? What happens?

    You can find out if is just the restore points that are corrupted by turning off the restore service [but this will delete all current restore points, but as you can't use them anyway it won't really matter]. If you want to do this.

    Open the system restore window and select to turn off restore on all drives and confirm. Then

    go to ControlPanel>AdminTools and then select Services and scroll down to Volume Shadow Copy, right click and turn the service to disabled. [note if the service is set to manaul or automatic so you can reset it later]

    Restart the PC and then re-enable the Volume Shadow Copy service and enable it and set it to automatic or manual [whatever it was originally set to].

    Go into system restore and turn it back on and this should solve the corruption [if that is what is causing your problems].

    It could be your hard drive is failing but as you don't tell us what the results of the system scan are, I can't be sure

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    8 years ago

    You said there are many restore points. Try system cleanup and disk cleanup and disk fragmentation. Atleast one will not be corrupt.

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