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What should I do? Its a Fake ID conviction.?

I have a friend in the US state of Georgia who took pictures for a guy that made Fake ID's (he took the pictures for no more than 20 clients and then received $10 for each picture. He would later deliver the ID to the client). These ID's were used in a college town to get into bars and obtain alchohol. Now the police are trying to convict him? They have no hard evidence and they may have a witness written statement (although its unlikely). However his id guy made him an id, and the police have discovered this and have the id picture from his guys computer. What should he do?

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    I'm not a police officer, but here is how I would have built the case.

    Arrest someone using a fake ID in a bar, they roll over on the delivery guy (your pal) as part of a deal.

    Send young looking officers or people actually underage to get fake IDs from the same source. Get at least audio tape of every deal. Once I have a few transactions on tape ... bust the delivery guy, the manufacturer of the IDs and seize all equipment used in the manufacture of the IDs. A search of the computer would probably get me a client list ... and it's round up time!

    So, if the officers were smart ... they got your pal delivering fake IDs on tape to agents of the department.

    What should he do? Get a lawyer and prepare for court. With a lawyer he might be found guilty, without one ... he WILL be found guilty

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    Get a reputable attorney...

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