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Why do Movies based on Video Games suck so badly?

It seems like the Video Game Movie genre is the worst. I hate to say that being a huge gamer. But it's true. Look at the majority of movies based on video games. They truly suck. How hard is it to take the stories in video games and adapt them to the big screen? The largest insults to gamers are the Resident Evil movies, Doom, and Super Mario Bros. Resident Evil doesn't look anything like the video games. Paul WS Anderson just keeps making them cause without them his wife Milla Jovovich would never get another film. She is a horrible actor. He just rips elements from the games. Save for Shawn Roberts and Sienna Gullory. The entire series needs to be rebooted and recast. But keep them. Because they are the perfect Wesker and Jill Valentine.

The how the hell do you screw up Doom? I don't know how but it was. I have nothing against Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, or Rosmunda Pike, but the director and script writer should be shot. What was so hard about demons from hell? Why do people gotta mess things up trying to make it believable: what is believable about Doom? NOTHING! Just give us our lone Space Marine kicking the sh*t outta monsters.

And Super Mario Bros... WTF!!! That is without a doubt the sorriest excuse for a video game movie. Nothing like the video game, it's no wonder Nintendo refuses to sell the film rights to their other franchises.

You'd think even something simple as a movie based off a fighting game would be simple, but no... The original Mortal Kombat is the only film worth being called good. It was simple, and it didnt try any stupid bullsh*t. But the sequel was absolutely horrible. Then both Street Fighter movies sucked! Dead or Alive sucked, but Devon Aoki is still a hot Kasumi. Tekken wasn't too bad. I find it enjoyable, even though it has a ton of screw-ups. Like the fact that Nina Williams is younger then Steve Fox in the movie, even though she is his mom in the games. Then you have The King of Fighters. Just a flat out horrible movie: I'm sorry I watched it and I'm sorry for any fan of the game who watches it too.

The you have Prince of Persia, Max Payne, Hitman, Double Dragon, etc. just a ton of movies that prove Hollywood should not touch the video game genre. There are even straight to DVD/Blu-Ray releases that are garbage. Movies like the adaptation of Far Cry. The only Straight to DVD/Blu-Ray worth watching is Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines. It's maybe 20-30 minutes long and features Ezio's father as the main character, but it is phenomenal.

So why can't Hollywood get video game movies right?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There is too many BS politics in Hollywood. They tend to butcher the spirit of a video games/anything else, and turn it into trash. Their formula is f*ck the story line, just hire big name actors/actress. Who cares about it being anything like the game just have alot of big explosion. And in the end their product turns out to be exactly like they are, soulless garbage.

    The good news is the webs are at it infants stage in filming, and are delivering some very promising potential.

    Youtube's Freddie Wong of freddiew have develop a web series call "VGHS". It's pretty much all about gaming.

    Youtube thumbnail

    The series just finish today at

    Another one is

    Youtube thumbnail

    from Thousand Pounds Action Co.

    Hell, they even do manga

    Youtube thumbnail

    They have what what Hollywood lack, the soul, freedom, and are true fans of what they are dishing out. Unfortunately they also lack what Hollywood have which is money. Hollywood has drop the ball too many time. I rather fork over the price of a movie ticket fee to them and give these guys a shot. They are like us fans who are fed up with the sh*t Hollywood give us and are making their own. It's also why I am shameless promoting them.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Probably because the writers are paid for reading about the games and writing them. They probably haven't played the game, maybe not even seen the game. As long as there's lot of action/horror (any other genre) the film company won't care.

    If the people/person who'd developed/written the game, and the characters made the movie then it would probably be a lot better. Hollywood wouldn't care about the franchises or whether it's destroyed, as long as they meet their core audience, and make a decent enough profit then that's why they get it wrong.

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