A question and message intended for Maxim. How musically inclined are the people of Kazakhstan?

Are they more classically trained or into modern music? By the way, thank you for the tip I learned from your video, though it is not the conventional one commonly used by many but it worked in a good way in some of my tuning pins. I am relaying my message to you here because I can't add to your last one mentioning about me using footwrap. You may be able to use my words as reference but I may add, one can try your method at their own discretion. I boldly use it because my piano is not an expensive/precious one but it become precious to me now because it is playing well. Imagine for a 200bucks Otto Bach that one can express a soul via music. Unfortunately, I am not keen on video making to show myself what I do, but rather happy to watch other's video tips. Keep up the good work friend. Have a great day to all.

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    I have been to Kazakhstan, working professionally giving concerts (not me, an orchestra I managed) and visiting various musical establishments.

    Remember that Kazakhstan used to be a constituent republic of the old USSR. Therefore, there were high education standards and a good traditional of 'western' music. In the old capital (and largest city), Almaty, there is a fine opera house where there are regular performances of a wide range of music. In the new capital, Astana, there are new purpose-built venues for every conceivable type of performing art. The music conservatories in Kazakhastan have extremely high standards and a wide ranging syllabus that would put many narrow-minded 'western' conservatories to shame.

    When the Soviet Union dissolved, Kazakhstan got most of the oil, gas and minerals (and weapons!) from the old USSR. The country is experiencing a long-term boom and there is a lot of investment in the arts and the country's infrastructure. The people there are just as up-to-date with current cultural events as anywhere else (Borat was a total fiction, of course and not even filmed in Kazakhstan!).

  • nj,thank you for your question. Kazakhstan today is a fragment of the former Soviet Union. The situation in post-Soviet society, its former Republics deplorable. People for the most part live in poverty and do not expect change to a better life. The past glory of Russian music and Russian culture can only remember. Today's rulers merely ask people to be patient and promise a bright future. In Kazakhstan, the people are busy a find small money to feed their families. When people have nothing to eat the music does not come to their a hearts and a minds.

    However, this does not mean that we should despair. Because the despair of mortal sin. I have my strength and the possibility of trying to restore the vertical piano. I want believes a future not to lose spirit and do it's many oldest piano for all peoples. I live in western Kazakhstan in a small provincial town of Uralsk. In Soviet times, there lived more Russian, now Kazakhs people are everywhere displace them . Many russian people left Kazakhstan and left for Russia. Now the basis of Kazakhstan's economy is mediocre eating away the natural resources policy.

    Once again thank you for the use of the"foot wrap". I am honored and I say this quite sincerely, that your vertical Otto Bach is a tiny bit of my presence. Because very pleased that as a result a screw and corrugated board Otto Bach again to joy those around you their charming sound.

    I totally agree with you that we need to use the method in its sole discretion. A man must make this decision consciously. He must be knowledgeable about the technical characteristics of test piano, and most importantly do no harm it's.

    I do not want to boast, but yesterday visited old place (piano "Belarus") again, where I replaced 18 pins. That was in 2004, but they still work. Glory corrugated shims!

    With warm greetings from Kazakhstan, Maxim

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