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Is there something to put on wood to prevent a bee's nest?

I have a wooden pic-nic table in my backyard that bee's/hornets/yellow jackets/whatever you call them, keep building nests under the table. Is there something that I can spray on the table to prevent this?

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    if they are carpenter bees that drill holes in the wood, plug the holes and paint the underside of the table with real paint, not stain.... they won't drill there anymore.....

    I like the sky blue idea.....for the other bugs....

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  • Maria
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    For Bees you have just to clean the surfaces where they could nest in it with some materials like diesle that could give bad smell for more than ten days but you have to repeat it always maybe every ten or 15 days, but for other insects like waspes or yellow jackets you have to put some poisons with some kind of beefmeet every ten days in the spring and becareful not to let the pets eat from it, by this way you reduce the danger a lot from having them nest arround your house, but the bumble bees they dont sting do not worry

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  • 8 years ago

    I heard if you paint the bottom light blue or a bluish color, almost like the sky, they wont build there cause it looks like the sky.

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  • 8 years ago

    You can put your wood on the wood.

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